Weekend Vibes - Birthday Celebrations, Farm Days & Registries

Apr 23, 2018

Hey all - back to Monday we go.
This weekend held a good blend of socializing + down time. Definitely one that felt balanced & left my heart full. Here are the details--

Friday -- We had a group dinner to celebrate my brother's upcoming birthday at Stone Summit. This was my first time there and I really enjoyed the food, environment and drinks. Our group had a fun time celebrating and socializing.

Saturday -- We started with a trip to the Cattleman's Grandpa's farm to haul some hay. He loaded the trailer and I got steps in in the field. Then we snagged Subway and went home to unload the hay & head into town for errands.
We snagged railroad ties from Orschelns to make a raised garden at the farm. I also found these cute cow chairs that we plan to gift to our ring bearer and flower girl at our wedding.

As for the garden, I'm excited to get this in place. It likely won't be up for another few weeks, and we don't plan to plant much this Summer since we will be pretty busy, but will be nice to have a dedicated spot to garden, naturally I'm already planning to put a few chairs near by to enjoy an afternoon tea. :)

We ended our evening bbq-ing and then watched Pitch Perfect 3.

Sunday -- We started with 8 AM mass. Chatted with his parents and some friends after, snagged breakfast on the go at QT, then went to Target to add to our wedding registry in person. The Cattleman was on scanner duty again and we added some great kitchen, bath and outdoor items. (a few linked in the grid at the end of the post)

After this we popped back by his Grandpa's farm and headed home to prep kabobs to take to my mom's to grill. We had an early dinner there for my Brother's birthday and also did a few things on my Mom's farm -like feed hay to the sheep. I'm hoping I can convince the Cattleman to add some sheep to his farm soon. Mom is wanting to sell off a few.

After dinner we came home and it was raining, so we grabbed a blanket and headed out to the front porch to listen to the rain on the tin roof and unwind for the evening. I sipped on of these beers I picked up over the weekend, a nice fruity beer to enjoy. I recommend it!

The nest --  Update- It had 8 showings over the weekend..we will see if any offers pop up this week!

The week ahead -- I started my morning with an iced coffee + an inspiring podcast for my commute into work. I want to start working in more podcasts in the morning. This morning I listened to Oprah's SuperSoul Conversation with Gretchen Rubin on 8 rules of happiness - loved it!! I definitely plan to listen to more speakers on her SuperSoul podcast. I hope to have a productive week..it's stacking up with meetings, so it's looking to be a bit busy.

A peek at some things we added to our Target registry --


  1. I've been to Golden Road Brewery in LA! Def put it on your list if you ever make it out west :)

    1. Oh my goodness, I bet it's awesome. I love so many of their beers.

  2. Your weekend sounded lovely! What a perfect Sunday evening--what I wouldn't give for a tin roof on rainy nights. And my girlfriend swears by the SuperSoul Sunday podcast. I definitely need to give it a listen because she's had so many of my favorite women on! Love what you added to your registry--so gorge. Why do I love that colander SO much? Like it's just a colander... haha!

    1. It was lovely, the tin roof is definitely one of the major perks of the shouse. SuperSoul is definitely going to be a new got-to for me. I listened to another this morning. Ha, I feel the same with it..almost more of a decor piece than a kitchen gadget.


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