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Apr 26, 2018

Hey guys, time for another post on my thoughts on things today - ranging from my new glasses to a quote that hit home.

On the wedding front, Danny and I have Wedding Invites as the focus for the week and sent some ideas off to Danny's cousin to start getting the ball rolling. She has an Etsy shop full of pretty designs! Also on the wedding list for the near future - Danny is going to start working to cut the tin down for our centerpieces - we are using rusty old tin from his family farm.

Here is a fun inspiration pic for a re-brand up my sleeve. So much cuteness in that Etsy shop! --

I have been adapting to my new glasses & wearing them a bit more...they sure do come in handy. [Chamberlain - Warby Parker]

I enjoyed this post of 50 Positive Affirmations to Tell Yourself - I choose to be proud of myself and the things I choose to do / Negative thoughts only have the power I allow them / To make small steps towards big goals is progress & so many great ones!

I found this hutch this week on Facebook Marketplace and it is exactly what we are targeting to use as a piece for our wedding & also for our home. My co-worker is super crafty and her wedding gift to us is the hutch + it's makeover! She's going to do it in our wedding color - emerald. Which I love the idea of. I've been loving deep green cabinets, so this will give me that feel in our home! This paint color is our inspiration.

I'm wanting to get into podcasts for my commute and I had heard good things about Oprah's SuperSoul podcast so I gave it a listen this week. I am hooked on it for morning motivation/inspiration. I've listened to 3 this week alone. Oprah quoted this from Brave Enough. It really resonated with me and is one I plan to share with others who are grieving.
I already bought this book to gift to my cousin for her birthday, and I'm thinking I may need some for Mother's Day too.

That's it for today - have a great Thursday!


  1. Can't wait to see how that hutch turns out! Love the idea of emerald. Ugh that quote <3 Cheryl Strayed is my Queen. I live by her words.

    1. I can't wait to see either! It's going to be a "farmer's market" at our wedding withour favors and then a coffee station + storage in our home. Yes, you need to listen to her podcast episodes! Have you read Brave Enough?

  2. Cute!! Can't wait to see the finished hutch! Have a great weekend!!

    1. Me too! My co-worker is so good with chalkpaint.


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