Friday Best -- Last in April

Apr 27, 2018

Gosh, the last Friday in April. Is 2018 zooming by to anyone else or is it just because our wedding keeps getting closer? Anyway, no offers on the nest yet, but it's still showing away. This weekend we have a Mizzou fundraiser tonight (looking forward to the live music), a family gathering (where I get to stock up on FREE barnwood!!), and then my Mom & I are attending the O'Fallon Brewery Shop n Sip on Sunday and setting up a Three Sheep Shack space. Should be a good weekend. The bests this week include porches (like above!), meetings, sunshine & tips--

best porches 
I stumbled across this porch & the one above on Pinterest & love them! The front porch at the farm has definitely been a gathering place for us. I love the inviting vibe of the porch above and the porch below has a lot of country charm! We are adding cedar pillars to the shouse porch and are wanting to add rocking chairs too. The porch is definitely inspiration for me - I like the idea of putting a little shelf/chest out front and I want to add some decor to the walls as well. Very charming.

best meeting
We met with the priest who will be marrying us on Wednesday to go over details & start our Pre Cana classes. It's exciting to get another thing going on our list of to-do's.

best weather
s u n s h i n e -- I'm soaking up as much as I can this week - I did lunch walks twice this week, had happy hour margaritas on the patio with co-workers last night, have a patio lunch scheduled today, and a morning walk with Emily tomorrow.

best birthday shout out 
My brother's birthday was on Tuesday and my cousin Emily's is on Sunday!

best registry tip
I found this article on Amazon registry tips - ours was looking a bit bleak and Danny & I found it helpful. Some items we already had on there, but we added this propane heater, perfect for more front porch sitting on rainy days.

best finds



  1. Your weekend sounds so fun! & I love the pillars on the porch. A space like that is definitely a must for our next house.

    1. Yes! Should be a good one. Ours won't be quite that charming - but I am eager to get the decor & pillars up!


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