Wedding Update v.2

Apr 5, 2018

Hey guys! Popping in for another wedding update here on the blog. Things have been moving along nicely! Granted we could always be doing more, but we are very happy with the progress!

Engaged :: 15 weeks
Countdown until wedding :: 19 weeks

+ The Dress -- I bought my dress from Cleo Bridal and posted about it here. The place is so charming, if you're a local bride in need of a dress - check it out! Mine has already come in - it was expected to be in in June.

+ Wedding Party -- Everyone has been asked + accepted!
We have 10 in our wedding party (+ a Guardian Groomsman), 2 ushers, a flower girl & ring bearer, 2 readers & 2 candle lighters.

+ Bridesmaid dress - We lucked out and found an emerald green dress on lulu's that worked for all my maids! I love the look and the price point. It's an even deeper shade of green in person.

+ Save the Date --
Front side shown above - mailed out in March. We love the way they turned out. Danny's cousin over at Margaux Paperie designed them for us and we got a great family deal! ;)

+ Florals -- I met with Petals & Bells, a local designer, that went to high school with my mom. She designs for a lot of local weddings and has great prices. We are happy to be going with them, I'll tell you more about the florals in my bouquet in another post.

+ Decor -- Our color is an emerald green and we are accenting it with tin + copper. We will have corrugated tin (old rusty stuff off the family farm) as the main component of our centerpiece. We plan to top it with a mix of lanterns, gold mercury votives, and greenery. We plan to borrow a mix of things to decorate the rest of the hall and the Cattleman has a few things he will be building as well. 

+ Entertainment -- We had hoped to find a live band within budget, but either they weren't quite what we wanted for day of, or they were a bit too pricey for our budget. So, we are booking a DJ and happy to be saving money to use toward the honeymoon!

+ Bus -- The Cattleman booked a bus for us through a family friend.

+ The Knot -- I downloaded the app to help with checklists & countdowns.

+ Caterer -- We have two local Cattleman (+ family friends) grilling steaks & a local catering team providing sides.

+ Cake --  One of my Mom's friends makes cakes + sweets and is working her magic for our special day.

+ Registry - We are going with Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. We've started an Amazon one and need to get to the other two this month.

next up--
full engagement session
bridal hair / makeup
groomsmen attire
day of logistics

update v.1 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! We really liked how they turned out!

  2. I got married on August 17th. Such a great time to get married.

    1. Oh that's awesome!! We are hoping the heat isn't too crazy!

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