Friday Best - 1st of April

Apr 6, 2018

It's Friday! Such a refreshing feeling, am I right? This week I had a cold that got me down and stumped some of my motivation. I'm hoping to end this week on a high note and get quite a bit accomplished this weekend. Big plans for a deep clean at my casa (with the help of my momma) and hopefully doing one registry + getting some wedding decor pieces lined up. Let's start this week's bests with the monthly lineup and lead right into the highlights of the week..

best monthly plans
celebrate birthdays (Daniel + Emily + Kara) / a 30th party bus / a Mizzou Alumni fundraiser / sip n shop craft fair / list my home!
best binge
I started binging Riverdale this week while spending some extra time on the couch and quickly got hooked. It's cheesy and over the top, but captivating none-the-less..even the Cattleman was into it.

best opener
The Cardinals home opener was yesterday & my office building celebrated with a big BBQ & some live music- a nice little break to the typical day

best update 
did you catch my 2nd wedding update? lot's of good stuff!

best fitness plan
I've been intrigued by Orange Theory Fitness for a while & have a cousin who used to work there. She's currently still a member and I'm attending a class with her next week. Hoping to get into the OTF groove this month.

best finds


  1. It looks like you have done a lot towards wedding prep. I have a lot of friends that adore OTF. It's not for me, I love my barre studio too much but I hope you enjoy your class!

    1. We have done a good amount. I plan to join OTF, I do love me some barre too..I have some classes to use at a local studio.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try Pure Barre but I live in a small town and we don’t have any close. I’ve heard great things about OTF!

    1. Maybe you could try an at home barre video! I loved OTF and plan to join!


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