Weekend Vibes -- Craft Beer, Craft Show, and a Home Contract

Apr 30, 2018

Happy Monday! I'm tackling this week with a productive + positive mindset!
This weekend was a whirlwind, as per usual. Here's a breakdown of the highlights --

Friday -- We had a Mizzou event to attend, but we ran a bit late because I GOT AN OFFER ON MY HOME! We were so excited to see this that we took time to sit, read and analyze the offer. It was a really good offer and it was exciting to see one come through after being on the market a week. So after we reviewed we freshened up and headed to the event.

Saturday -- I went for a long walk with Emily, met Danny at his Grandpa's farm and then we went over to my cousin's new house to do some barnwood pickin. He was having a bbq + bonfire and was going to burn wood left by the previous owner (who was a woodworker). We ended up getting a pretty good pile to use for the wedding + our home..and maybe sell a bit too.
Then we stopped at a local spot for dinner to-go and headed back to the Cattleman's farm to feed cows and hang outside for a bit. I'm really glad I'll get to call that farm ours oh-so-soon. It's become a really special place to me that gives me a mega sense of pride for my man. (mush moment)

Sunday -- We went to mass then I went to meet my mom and set up for a craft show at  O'Fallon Brewery. The  Three Sheep Shack had never done a Spring event and we don't really do St. Louis area shows either - but we had more success than we expected and enjoyed sipping beer and visiting - many friends & family came by to shop! I'm loving the new framed doilie look (1st image of post)- we are likely doing a gallery wall of these behind the cake table at my wedding.

Then the Cattleman came down to my house and we went to dinner at  2865 Brewhouse. We started watching  Reckless on Netflix & were really big fans!

more on the home contract - 
I'm so pleased to have received this (over asking) offer! I ended up accepting and inspections will be happening this week. I am praying for a smooth process and that everything sticks. I get so nervous to say too much since I don't want to jinx anything..but the timing is all working out nicely and how we hoped thus far.
The Cattleman's Dad texted me this morning saying "Rise & Shine, sounds like this might be your last April sunrise at your house" weird to think that!!


  1. Ahh, congrats on the offer on your house!! Knew it wouldn't be on the market long! I was the same way about not wanting to say much about the house process because I didn't want to jinx anything--ha! I don't know how I didn't jinx anything actually because I certainly didn't keep my mouth shut.

    And I love hearing about your farm life. It's so endearing.

    1. Thanks! We have definitely shared the news with our inner circle, and I wanted to log it here (but mostly inner circle reads this, ha). Hoping things move forward for us both!! Aw thanks, I certainly enjoy being back there on his farm.


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