Weekend Vibes - Party Bus + Sunday Funday

Apr 16, 2018

Happy Monday, friends. It's been quite some time since I've re-capped a weekend. I had a fun-filled-whirlwind-jam packed weekend. It was full of time with family & friends and hitting lots of new spots. Luckily I'm following it up with a slower paced week + weekend. I don't think my body would appreciate another weekend of living like a college kid. This week will be full of meal prep, cleaning, listing my home on the market (ahh!), and fitness. #Adulting
Here are the highlights from my busy weekend:

Friday:: I met Erika and Emily (my matron & maid of honor) out for happy hour to catch up, talk wedding things and have some girl time. Happy hour turned into happy hours and we all had a good time. Still a few things to decide on, but things are trucking right along!

Saturday:: I had a little bit of time in the morning to do house things. I started out with a quick Walgreens run and trick to Starbucks..it won't be long and I won't have one so close, so I wanted to soak that up. Then I tidied my basement, planted a few tulips in my raised garden and got some images taken to post with my home listing (I'm using a transactional agent - so images are on me). It will definitely be bittersweet to say goodbye to my nest. I'm eager to see how the sale plays out - I know I still have a lot of work ahead of me.
I hit the road by noon to head to the Cattleman's farm so that I could snag him and head to the party bus. We celebrated a friend's 30th birthday & it was so fun! I had 3 cousins on the bus and Danny's brother came too. We started at Fast Eddie's (which was so packed) and then headed to the Loading Dock. I was a first-timer there, so cool! This ended up being a late, but so fun, night!

Sunday:: We road-tripped to New Haven, MO for a little Sunday Funday with Danny's family. His Mom & Dad are celebrating 35 years of marriage today and planned a fun afternoon to celebrate. We started at the Pinckney Bend Distillery and then progressed to Robller Winery. After that we made our way to Washington, MO for dinner at Driftwood. The place was really neat & had live music! I certainly see us going back for a date night. After we got home we turned on the ACMs and settled in for the night.

Now it's Monday and I need a nap from the whirlwind of the weekend..but alas, back to the grind. Excited for a fresh week + fresh start. I have a good feeling about this week!


  1. Fun weekend! I love the bed you planted those tulips in!

    1. Thanks, the Cattleman made it. I need to get some more made up for the farm.

  2. How cute is your front door?! I saw that exact doormat (or something very, very similar!) at Target over the weekend. So cute.

    Your weekend sounds awesome--what a nice way to celebrate 35 years!

    1. Thanks! It is from Target. It was water-logged in this image from the rain. It was a great, fun-filled weekend.


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