Friday Best - The 13th

Apr 13, 2018

Spring is here & it has me dreaming of outdoor dining, picnics and patios! How cheery is this tablescape?! It's Friday the 13th & anything with 13 in it always makes me think of my Dad. He was lung transplant number 1313. I'll be thinking of him throughout the day and having a cocktail in his honor tonight. We have a jam-packed weekend full of fun and I'm eager to get it started. Next week is a big, big week for me as the nest will go live on the market! Let's get on to the details of this week's bests, lots of good stuff--

Best songs of the week 
I heard I Wanna Know - NOTD/ Bea Miller for the first time - such a fun upbeat tune. I also heard Still- Scotty McCrerry and my goodness, swoon!

Best weekend plans
As I mentioned, we have a jam-packed weekend. I have Friday happy hour plans with my Maid of Honor & Matron of Honor to  catch up and do some wedding planning. Looking forward to seeing them both! We've had Saturday plans on the books for a while- a 30th party bus for a friend of ours, we are heading over to Fast Eddies + The Loading Dock. We love Fast Eddies & I've never been to the Loading Dock, so I'm looking forward to it. I'll have cousins on the bus too!! On Sunday Danny's parents decided to plan an impromptu Sunday Funday - We are adventuring down to New Haven, MO to Pickney Bend Distillery. I've been hearing such positive things about this place + their products lately - my pal loves their tonic syrup. If time allows we plan to pop over to Robller Winery too. Definitely a day full of fun to celebrate their wedding anniversary - 35 years!

Best chats
Danny and I have had so many fun + positive chats here lately. Talks of the future that includes our (someday) family, our home and our farm. We have lots of farm daydreams + plans up our sleeve. Eager to see things start to come to life. Love the team we make.

Best wedding update 
We are officially registered! Ours include Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond on Sunday and the Cattleman sure got the hang of that scanner. We still plan to head to Target and physically look around + scan, but we got things going online for now. Lots of editing to do still, but feels good to have this rolling. Oh, and my dress is in! I need to go snag that! Also, I added a tab at the top of wedding things - Mr. & Mrs. Cattleman.

Best new class 
I tried out Orange Theory Fitness for the first time yesterday with my cousin Natalie. Verdict = it's tough but motivating and the hour class zoomed by. The class I attended was an ESP (endurance/strength/power). I know joining this gym for a while will give me the kickstart I need in my fitness routine..will serve to make me accountable, get results & get fit for our wedding. I like that there are 4+ locations near my work or on my commute home so that I have options depending on the day/commute/transition of moving.

Best finds - a peek at some things we registered for

I linked up with Andrea & her crew.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Ah, so many fun wedding updates! And I love "love the team we make." I say that to my boyfriend a lot--it's probably my favorite thing about our relationship. Such a great feeling!

    Hope you have a great weekend! Your plans sound awesome.

    1. I got a bit mushy with that "best" - but gosh, it's so true. I'm so happy you have a strong teammate too!


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