Memorial Day Weekend - Back to my Roots & Getting settled

May 29, 2018

Back to the grind after a holiday weekend & luckily it's a short work week. I have lots of things to knock out this week and have a busy weekend ahead- but lots of good things!
Two noteworthy things --
1. I'm officially moved and working to settle into the shouse - feels good to have all the packing and moving complete!!
2. Today is the two year anniversary of my first date with the Cattleman!!! Two years ago after chatting for a few weeks, we were finally able to sync up a last-minute date. We met on the Dairy Queen patio in town over the Memorial Day weekend. He came from checking cattle & I came from doing garden work at my Mom's. Very casual. But we sat on that patio and chatted for 2+ hours. Tonight we have some tasks to knock out, but after those we are going to meet back at the Dairy Queen patio. Danny had the DQ idea, and the low-key celebration where it all began feels just right.

My weekend was consumed with packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning. I felt fortunate to have an extra day to work on settling. On Saturday morning I got up at 6:00 to finish up packing, made a quick Starbucks run (since I won't have them close at the farm) and was all set when everyone arrived at 9:30.
My aunt & uncle came to help along with Danny's family and cousin. We were fully packed and on the road to the farm by 11:00. My brother was conveniently in FL (ha) and my Mom had to work, so she met us at the farm with lunch for the crew.

Home Sweet Shouse -- the first image in the post is the gravel road as you near the Cattleman's farm & below is the view as you enter the driveway

We ended our Saturday with a front porch sit and I had some wine out of my solo cup.

On Sunday Danny went on a quick annual fishing trip and my Mom & I spent time cleaning and organizing. 

We made good progress and then Danny brought us home some dinner and him and I went to the neighbor's pool for a quick swim. I loved their set up and the sky was so pretty that night.

On Monday we woke up and made breakfast and got back to work for a bit. Then we ran a few errands, Danny had to stop by one farm to haul a piece of equipment to another, and then we were back home to get more unpacking done. By Monday evening we had swapped in my kitchen table, my tv, media stand and rug. Things were starting to feel a bit more together for me. 

Danny assembled this kitchen cart and then cut the grass while I did meal prep. We grilled out Monday evening and enjoyed some time outside again before kicking off the work week.

And for fun - here's my post from when I moved into my home back in 2015. Have a great week, folks!


  1. Woo that makes me tired just reading it! I know you are happy to be (somewhat) settled :)

    1. It was definitely a doozy - but yes, it feels good to have part of the process complete!

  2. Great plan to move on a three day weekend so you had that extra day! Everything seems to be coming along!! Can't wait to see more pictures as you get settled. I'm super jealous of those gorgeous skies. Farm life keeps calling to me--I kind of wish Sammy went into a profession ;)

    1. Yea, it was nice to have that extra day - although also a bummer to fill a holiday weekend with work. We are a long way off from being remotely "settled" but yea, the skies and views there are pretty unreal.


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