The end of the #SeeJessNest Story

May 31, 2018

They say all good things must come to an end. Today I (pre) close on the sale of my first home!! It is 100% bittersweet. I am truly glad + fortunate to have had this phase in my life. I am feeling so grateful that I was able to take the plunge 3 years ago and purchase a home as a single person (ASP - as I had to sign on all my papers) and support myself independently in my home. I had a lot of "oh my gosh should I be doing this?" moments as I neared my home close when buying back in 2015.
But since closing, I never regretted buying my home, having my space and being able to make that house on Glenoak my home.

With our wedding nearing, we felt this was the best time to consolidate and get my home on the market. I liked the idea of waiting as close to the wedding as possible to combine homes, but we knew we wanted to sell before the wedding to get all of that work out of the way so that we could enjoy married life as it nears. We have had so much extra work on our plates in addition to the normal day to day to reach this point. I'm very fortunate to have found a hard-working man who is a team player and has been very helpful and supportive through this phase.
There is still so much work ahead in the settling process - but it can be done at our own pace, without deadlines.

So,  today I am taking a half day to head to the title company & sign my home away. Then saying one last goodbye to my empty home.

I left a little welcome basket for my buyer's & then chilled the champagne.

I'm also leaving my front porch hanging baskets because a momma bird has a full nest of babies in one!

I received my seller's statement yesterday & it was so fun to see. I'm so lucky to be selling in a seller's market in a relatively desirable area in the St. Louis market. My home sale is allowing me to go 100% debt free, and the money I was putting toward my mortgage/utilities/homeowning costs will now get to go towards saving and paying for our wedding + honeymoon. We are very excited for this next chapter  & what our future on the farm holds!!

Now, of course I'd be lying if I said it was all rainbows and's stubbing toes on boxes, not knowing where anything is, and working to figure out new routines and new norms...but it's a process that will reap so many benefits. Love this life I live.

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite home posts -
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Images of my home

Now I'm saying goodbye to my home about 1.5 months shy of homeowning anniversary number 3.


  1. Congratulations! What a bittersweet day. We're planning on selling our first home next year and it makes me both sad and thrilled. For us, we're just outgrowing it and need more room (baby 2 on the way) and also want to move to a better school district. Cherish the memories you've made in the house, but know that you'll have many more to make. :)

    1. Bittersweet indeed. I loved my home but am excited for what's next. Good luck with the prep of your home + sale. It's a lot of work, but worth it!

  2. Ah, love this. Congratulations! And how cute is that basket you put together?! Omg, adorable. And what a great perspective: "a process that will reap so many benefits." Definitely going to be reminding myself of that as we continue through our adjustment period. So true.

    1. Thanks, lady! I hope the basket puts a smile on their face. I am glad that line spoke to you, definitely a reminder I needed this morning while searching for so many items I could not locate. We've got this!


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