Mother's Day Weekend

May 14, 2018

Hey all - back at the Monday grind & I'm ready to have a positive & productive week! I only have one more Monday left in my home after today, crazy! Needless to say - I'll be packing boxes when I have free time this week & plan to fully focus on packing on Saturday + Sunday. I have my first bridal shower this Friday - wedding things are in full swing now through August!
This weekend was jam packed & full of fun so let's get on to the good stuff --

Friday - Family Shower for Natalie
We got off early from work (yay!) and I ran a few errands and then headed to my cousin Natalie's family shower. It was so well done & nice to spend the evening visiting with family. Natalie looked so pretty & got so many useful items for her new home + this new chapter!

Saturday - Walk + My Parent's Farm + Mass
Saturday I woke up and headed over to Emily's for a long morning walk. After that I headed to my parent's farm to help with a few things & hang out for a bit. My brother and I had a nice morning of chatting & getting a few things done for our Mom. So many sheep! The Cattleman is going to add a handful to his farm this Summer.

Saturday evening we met my Mom for mass & then went to a local restaurant - Backroads. Mom, Danny & I had a long dinner and just sat and caught up for a long time. I definitely left feeling grateful that I will be moving back home and will be able to fill my time with moments like those.

After dinner we went back home and sat on the back porch for a few hours- we had some cocktails, chatted and listened to music. Was a nice way to end our evening.

a fitting beer for the weekend - so happy Mother's distributes in the STL area 

Sunday - Mother's Day
We started our day by having Danny's family up to the farm for breakfast - Him & his brother cooked and we all visited and enjoyed quote a feast. Then all the boys headed out to do some cattle work and me, his mom & grandma all sat on the front porch visiting.

We got our Mom's matching corsages - this is something my Dad used to always do for my Mom and I wanted to bring it back and include Danny's Mom.  I used the same florist my Dad always went to - Charlotte's Flowers - and chose a blend of flowers that we are using in our wedding florals. Thistle is my favorite! Danny's Mom went home and added hers to the cute vase above. And below is my Mom's pinned to her at our event. We got them each a personalized keychain from this local Etsy shop & some extra goodies that we had trucked away from our CO trip. My brother & I also got my Mom personalized rings from this Etsy shop. They loved all their goodies.

Later on Sunday we went to my Dad's side for a big extended family gathering. We had a space at the park for the day and it worked out perfectly. tasty food,good company and a sunny day. I think all of our mommas enjoyed themselves.

In other news - The Cattleman and I officially hit double digits on Friday for our countdown until our big day - It's all happening! Life is busy and we are trying to embrace the whole process. Lots of details + decisions, but gosh are we excited for this next chapter!

Also, a PSA for any St. Louis Cardinals fans - You can snag some free Chick-Fil-A this Thursday with gear on. Learn more here. I may pack a hat and get some on lunch! Have a great week, folks!

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