Living Intentionally

May 15, 2018

My word of 2018 is  i n t e n t i o n

Now that we are in the 5th month of the year, I wanted to take time check in on how the year is going & my continued plans on being intentional throughout the year.

Intentional work days - I'm working to hit a promotion at work so I can hopefully secure a few remote work days (since I'll be moving 60 miles from my office). This week it's getting closer, so I have to stay focused to keep at it. Working to create time-blocks & stay on task.

Intentional time towards selling my home - I spent ample time de-cluttering, moving non-essentials to the farm, staging, and cleaning to prep my home to list. Now it's sold and the close is set for June 1st, so my time is now being spent packing & finalizing all paperwork/phone calls. On the home stretch here & it feels good!!

Intentional wedding planning - We are crusing right along with all things wedding. lately we have been picking up decor pieces here and there, designing the invitation suite, and looking at honeymoon options. This month our goals on the wedding front include = choosing wedding bands, mailing the invites and booking a honeymoon. Next month once I'm moved we will focus in a bit more on decor.

Intentional time towards fitness + being active - Admittedly this has taken a bit of a backburner for the first part of the year with extra hours at work, prepping my home to sell and maintaining an active social schedule. However, now that's it's nice I've been gettign in lots of steps outdoors and I joined Orange Theory Fitness this month. I plan to be consistent with those classes and hope to see results well before the wedding. Primarily I want to feel better about myself and be toned in general and for our big day.

Intentional time towards sidehustle - I have some fun projects to work on and am looking forward to set time aside to learn new things and earn some extra income.

Intentional time to just be - This one is really important. There is a lot on my plate in this season, and I want to be intentional about taking time for self-care and to just be. Spending time with the Cattleman, my family, my friends to not fret about all the to-do's but to just be present and enjoy some down time. I've gotten to see family a lot this month already, so I think this is going well. Soon me and the Cattleman will be dwelling together and won't have to save all our to-do's and decision making for the few nights a week we do see eachother, which will be nice. Also, I bought myself a set of two facials on groupon & have a massage gift card to use.

So, there's a quick update on intention. Honestly, I think it's all going well. I set mini goals each week, and often each day for myself. Sometimes I achieve them all, other times I achieve half of them...working to give myself grace and pat myself on the back for all I've gotten done this year so far!

Have you been working on anything this year? How about intention, have you been working to form better habits and be intentional with your time?


  1. SUCH a good reminder! Keep it up, girl!!

    1. I agree! Trying to break some of my habits that have mindlessly formed.


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