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May 24, 2018

A Thursday that feels like a Friday with a long weekend on deck. A little post on things on my mind, again these posts have a become a new favorite..basically because I just get to ramble.
How perfect is that dining space above? Simple & clean.

Dress in happiness daily is one of Natalie's mottos. I love the outfits & messages she posts in front of her little farmhouse mirror. Today I threw on a bright yellow top I got at Loft on super first I was iffy, but it was final sale, so it stayed in the closet. I've already gotten so many compliments on it & I think it's part of the reason behind my cheerful mood. I paired it with some fun leather accents & am digging the combo.

I've continually been purging & donating during this move process. I've already made one Goodwill haul & today's is a bigger haul of donations. Feels so good to (attempt to) downsize. I've also downsized so many apartment/home items of mine to Darcy, a few things to my cousins & some kitchen items to my brother.

Speaking of the move - my goal this week was to get by with minimal cooking/prep/mess. Keep the kitchen clean and keep feeding myself simple. Insert sandwiches, lean pockets, cereal, yogurts and string cheese. Made sure to get some wine on hand too - it eases the moving woes. I've given myself a free pass on orange theory this week and know it's going to kick my booty when I go in on Sunday, back to the grind next week.

I'm very into the ideas of jumpsuits lately, but do not own any. I bought a hat from Target online for my cousin's bachelorette party & added in this jumpsuit on sale to give it a go. My co-worker wore this one to work the other day and it was cute paired with wedges & a cardigan.

I've been eyeing lots of deals lately...mostly home items for the move back to my roots. This foyer light I've been eyeing went on sale for the weekend & I am loving it's look + price point. I've been wanting a light like this for over the sink & also love it's sale price. I have been on a light fixture kick and already ordered one to hang in the dining area long ago (like in the first image of this post) many new lights do we think I can talk the Cattleman into at once..? He knows the ones I have in mind for swapping out (only 3)..I wonder if we can re-sell the old fixtures..? My guess would be yes. Also, I was eyeing this night stand on Wayfair and found the exact dupe on Wal-Mart's site for $30 less. How is that even possible?! Now I am even more convinced I need it, if only the coordinating dresser was on the Wal-Mart site too. This is a fun link to the farmhouse collection on Wal-Mart's site. I didn't realize the Pioneer Woman had a bedding line, lots of cute things like these ruffle sheets. I loved all these lamps below I spotted at Wal-Mart too - all under $25.


  1. We are literally picking the exact same light fixtures, I can't even handle it hahaha. I love all those lamps too, especially that glass one! Now I'm stalking the Walmart website... I swear light fixtures will end me throughout this decorating process. I couldn't care less about them and yet I'm SO picky. Why?!

    1. Too funny! I love lighting and definitely scour inspo pics + sites to find the best deals. The glass one is also my favorite and the quality looks good for the price. I think I'll be ordering them for our night stands. I can send you the link if you want!

    2. Ooh would be so pretty on nightstands! I just bought it for our entry table! Will definitely post a picture when it comes in.


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