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May 23, 2018

The big move back to my roots is nearing & I must say - I'm getting pretty darn excited!!
excited to have more time with the cattleman
excited to be starting another new chapter together
excited to be selling my home and making a profit that will allow me to go debt-free (and then some)
excited to be back on a farm in my hometown (my 18-year-old self would be shaking her head)
excited to be close to my family & his (this one is really big!!)

So, to re-cap for anyone new here - I'll be moving to my fiancΓ©'s farm this weekend. We will be residing on a 53 acre cattle farm in a shouse (a shed + house). The shouse isn't either of our "dream home", but we will be living under our means and will able to stash away money for our future while having plenty of land to spread out on. And I'm actually pretty excited to turn what is currently a blank canvas (i.e. a bachelor pad) into a cozy home that reflects the two of our styles/tastes. You can learn more about everything here.

Today I want to highlight some images I've been inspired by for the shouse. Luckily I'll get to utilize a lot of items from my home to help make the shouse cozy.

Living Room --
I am drawn to off-white, tan, cream in the living room. He has tan walls and wood trim, so I want to play into those tones.

I look to be adding lots of elements/layers/collages on the walls because there is just so much wall space there. And again, blank canvas.

The layout is a bit similar to this and I really like the elements in this room. Our living room is a bit bigger and we would need more furniture for sitting.

Shelving --
I'd like to add lots of open shelving - this will allow us to maximize some storage and also add some visual interest to the 10 foot walls.
Natalie has a lot of great (i.e. simple + farmhouse) shelves in her home. 

I love Jessica's bathroom shelving & style.

That's all for now! I also have a few images/ideas in mind for the kitchen/master/guest room.
With just about any move, I get excited and start thinking about new decor ideas for a new space. It's a fun phase.


  1. Excited to watch you make the shouse a home!

    1. Aw, thanks. It will be simple but we are shooting for cozy + practical.


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