Weekend Vibes - Wedding Shower + Packing

May 21, 2018

Happy Monday, friends. This is the last official week I'll be residing in my home before the big move. I'm certainly feeling all sorts of emotions, but I would say excitement is the biggest one. We had a busy, yet well rounded weekend. Here are the highlights --

f r i d a y --
Friday evening we had our first wedding shower. This one was thrown by Danny's family & we had such a great turnout. Lots of great company, sips, food, and conversations.
The event at 6:00, I was a bit late due to traffic and rain and showed around 6:15, then when I arrived I made my rounds (with wine in hand), we ate, and then it was present time.

We got so many great items from our registry & also so many thoughtful unique items. Here are a few from the registry -

I was blown away by how spoiled we got & also all the thought that poured into gifts. Some highlights of non-registry items include:
- A handmade sign of our wedding hashtag
- A handmade recipe box full of recipes
- A big potted plant (full of plants I like) + a big folding table & set of chairs, which we are really in need of for entertaining (thanks, mom!)
- A trio of keepsake boxes with our names & wedding date - one for my mom to make a memory box for us, one for his mom to make a memory box for us, and a big one for us to start our own memory box.
- A huge collection of monthly gifts. We received decor items, a handmade washcloth, and a handmade decor towel (along with other goodies) for each month of the year.This was from my future-mother-in-law. Sooo much time and thought went into this. To have valentine's, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc items in the middle of May required lots of advanced thinking. June's present was the biggest with a set of 3 handmade flower yard ornaments, a Shepard's hook, and big plant stand with pots & pot ornaments.
this is all just to name a small bit of what we received - such a full heart

Danny arrived towards the end of me opening gifts and made his rounds as well as a plate of food. We visited a bit, then loaded up to head home around 10 pm. It was a great evening.
The only downfall was that I got zero pictures...none. Mega fail. It was such a whirlwind with running late, and I was unplugged and socializing. Danny's Mom got pictures when I was opening gifts, but that's it. The only one I got was a selfie before leaving my home-

s a t u r d a y --
I slept in after having a long Friday and then my Mom and I headed down to my house to do some packing. We got tons accomplished & made a small haul back to the farm. Then Danny and I had a low-key night - we took a gravel road drive to go get pizza and then front porch sat for the rest of the evening & watched a storm roll in.

s u n d a y --
We woke up and went to 8AM mass and went out to breakfast after at a local spot. We came home and lounged for a bit while it rained, then headed back to my house to do a preliminary move. We wanted some items loaded up before our "moving crew" comes next week. We moved things like my bbq grill, outdoor patio set, planting pots, bike, storage racks, etc. Probably the first time my neighborhood had seen a livestock trailer for a move...It worked out so well!
Then we made an ice cream stop and headed home to unload and return the truck & trailer to my brother's house. We visited with him for a bit then came home to sit out back and grill. 
Me cheers-ing to the fact that I'll be living on the farm in 6 days.

I also placed a Kohl's order on Sunday evening before my 30% off expired. I got Danny some polos, me some workout items and a pair of work wedges. Such great deals!

Here's to a productive week!!


  1. I'm catching up on your posts and this sounds like the best weekend! Those gifts sound so lovely--how thoughtful.

    1. Thanks for reading through the posts :) It was a really good + productive one.


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