Friday Best

Jun 22, 2018

Hi guys! It's Friday - for me it's a touch sad because it means my week off in between gigs is up. It's been a good one - I've felt productive and also overwhelmed with all my to-do's. Lots of good hedgeway this week overall and I feel well rested and ready to start a new career path. I can't wait for my close commute and to be able to come home on lunch breaks.

Today is my Mom's birthday and also my future Father-in-Law's birthday - same age, same day, same hospital. Both of our Grandma's shared the same room when they had them - wild, yes? This weekend the Cattleman has his bachelor party on Saturday and I have my final wedding shower on Sunday. This one is thrown by my Bridesmaids and Family - looking forward to it! I'll be sure to take my good camera along and snag ample pictures.

Here's a peek at the best things from this week - random list style -
+ I addressed and mailed ALL of our invites or the wedding - what an undertaking that ended up being - but a huge CHECK off the list (we do have a few stragglers to get out, but the bulk is mailed)
+ I took my bridesmaid's dress for Natalie's wedding (July 1st!!) to be altered
+ I helped keep my Mom's animals fed & watered on the farm while she was away
+ I picked up my wedding dress from Cleo Bridal!!!!!
+ I also popped into the store we got my engagement ring to look at wedding bands...I think I've narrowed down what I want - now to get back and have it designed
+ I worked in our garden - planted more veggies, planted some flowers, and we picked 5 zucchini so far!! =
+ I celebrated my Dad's 63rd birthday in his honor - I spent some time at the cemetery with him -I brought a beer for us both :) - then we did a group cheers in his honor at 7 PM - My brother and Mom & my family members she's on vacation with did a big group Facetime and raised a glass to our man Craig.
+ I got in 4 Orange theory classes - which is the most I've done in a week since I've started. I'm definitely sore, but feel good about all the burning! 68 splat points & 2171 calories burned during my classes. Today's class was especially fun because my cousin Emily is in town for my shower (also my MOH) and we met for a class.
+ We followed up class with lunch at BC's Kitchen. We each had a tasty cocktail & she brought me back this turquoise ring from her recent Arizona trip!

Ok, I'm off to get back to do more unpacking + organizing. Enjoy your weekends!!!


  1. Hi, hi! Glad your week was so productive! Love when that happens. Loved hearing about how you celebrated your dad this year--so sweet.

    Love that nail polish color & ring too!


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