Quick Catch Up

Jul 24, 2018

Hi. Hey. Hello.
I do still exist!
I have soo missed being able to find the time to write in this space. There is so much going on that I want to be logging here in my little piece of the web. But we have so many top priorities right now that I just haven't made the time to sit down and blog. But I will soon!
A few things I've been up to---
- learning at my new job
- adapting back to country living
- attending orange theory
- attending my last bridal shower (full post to come- love is brewing)
- dress fittings
- being in my cousin's wedding
- making lots of wedding decisions/calls, running errands, scheduling appointments + meetings
- designing wedding bands
- wedding diys (beef spice rubs + furniture)
- attending my bachelorette party (full post to come - bride's herd)
- celebrating being one month out from our wedding date
- attending the county fair (with another one to attend this week)

lots of running, but doing lots of fun things amongst all the errands and decisions and to-do's. lots of time with friends, family and my cattleman. it's been a blur of a Summer but we have squeezed in so much goodness and are 25 days out from our wedding!!!!
I told the Cattleman that this is my motto for the remainder of wedding planning ---  s i m p l e --

So, I'll be back with some better posts soon, but wanted to pop in and give a brief rambling update on things. Life is so busy, but so good in this season. Cheers, folks!


  1. I've missed reading!! Good luck with the final sprint to wedding day!

    1. Aw that is so sweet of you to say - thanks for hanging in there with me. The final sprint is the right way to say it - so much, yet so exciting. Cheers!

  2. Can't believe the big day is so close! Can't wait to read these recaps (especially your bachelorette party one!).

    1. You and me both, lady! I'll be sure to share here and on IG. Thanks for popping in to read & comment!!


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