2018 - The biggest year yet!

Feb 23, 2019

2018 was a huge year for me. I know we are 2 months into 2019, but I wanted to give a quick re-cap and shoutout to one of my favorite years yet!!!

1. I got married!
new last name, unforgettable memories, and my love of my life

2. I sold my first home
no more #SeeJessNest

3. I moved back to the country.
back to my roots. hello gravel roads, open pastures, a home on a farm.

4. I started a new job & left a company I loved and spent 5 years with
new beginnings and sad goodbyes

5. I had the most relaxing honeymoon in Jamaica with my husband.
livin, lovin, chillin.

2018 was a year that brought major life changes, celebrations, love, joy & stress. A year that challenged me, tested me, and really brought on growth in so many ways. So grateful to have had my Cattleman, family and friends by my side through all of the life changes. So much to be grateful for.

I still promise to write on all things wedding in more lengthy posts. Cheers!


  1. 2018 was really a BIG year for you. Cannot wait to see what 2019 brings!

    1. It really was! It was a whirlwind but I'm so happy where all the changed led me! I have a feeling 2019 will be just as great!!

  2. <333 love this. Can't WAIT for the wedding posts!


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