Weekend Vibes - Hello March

Mar 4, 2019

Hi there!
This weekend was one that left me feeling happy & has me thinking positive thoughts about the week to come! Our weekend wasn't anything wild, but here's a quick look at things.

On Friday night we stayed in and enjoyed some couch time. I watched the season finale of A Million Little Things. I am just way into that show! Such good story lines. Then we watched Riveria together. It's a new series that we are both into. We are only 2 episodes in, but the corruption of this wealthy family has us hooked.

We had the St. Charles County Cattleman Dinner + Dance on Saturday night. My husband is on the board for the association and him and many family & friends help run the event. Steak dinner + live music makes for a fun evening. This year my Mom & some family members joined in on the fun too. I'm so grateful that both of our families mesh so well with one another and have opportunities to mingle often!

Sunday brought more snow to the farm. So we kept things cozy and stayed around the house all day. I embraced the low key day by tidying up a bit and giving our room a quick refresh. We had bought new bedside lamps a while back and I finally put them out this weekend.

This week I plan to kick off the Our Wedding series. You can expect about 7 wedding posts in the coming weeks (ok, maybe months, ha).  Part 1 will be my bachelorette party & will be live later this week!

Now that it's March it's time to prep for St. Patrick's Day! We have Shamrock Coffee Coozies ready to go in our Etsy shop and I am eager to bust mine out.

I'll leave you with this poem that I loved 


  1. That poem is so cool...love the reverse reading! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. I definitely need to watch A Million Little Things. My future MIL keeps telling me to watch! I just started Outlander and can tell I'm going to get obsessed quickly, so I'll have to remember AMLT for when I'm finished. Isn't it so nice when families get along? I'm so grateful ours do too. AH, can't wait for the wedding posts to start!


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