21 Week Pregnancy Update

Apr 16, 2019

If you're a regular reader, you may know by now that my husband and I are expecting TWINS this August. With twins your full term is actually 38 weeks, so that is August 12th for us! We learned that most twin pregnancies deliver around 35 weeks, but we are really hoping ours make it closer to 38.

I love reading other bloggers' "bumpdates" and wanted to share a few of my own here on the blog. You can read the first one here:: 16 weeks
& now for another!

How far along? 21 weeks & 1 day

Twins! Fraternal or identical? Fraternal

Size of the babies? 16 ounces & 15 ounces (we had our anatomy scan yesterday)

Genders? We are waiting until they are born to find out. Prolonging the suspense + surprise.

How are you feeling? I'm still feeling good and have plenty of energy most days. I definitely have to move a touch slower as I get winded more easily now. I've been feeling some pelvic pressure here and there. My hands are a bit sore/stiff in the mornings & I've read that is due to the extra fluids for the babies.

Starting to show? Yes, it no longer matters what time of day it is, the twin bump is definitely out at this point. More and more of my regular clothes are becoming too small. With twins you measure 4 weeks ahead of where you actually are, so that would be 25 weeks currently.

Maternity clothes? Yes, now that weather is warmer I can no longer get by in my oversized sweaters. I'm fully into maternity fitted tees, tanks, jeans, and leggings. Then I can layer with my regular casual jackets or cardigans.

Cravings or aversions? I find myself reaching for sour candy a bit more lately - tropical skittles,chewy sour sweetarts, and I just discovered sour patch jelly beans (so good).. I've also been very into tea + lemonade, especially Starbuck's green tea lemonades.  Im also so happy grilling season is here - craving all the grilled veggies, potatoes & meat. No aversions for me.

Best moment this week? Feeling the babies move & having our anatomy scan! We had it yesterday and learned that both babies are developing properly and have no concerns at this point - such a blessing.

Miss anything? Drinking a beer on the patio on a sunny day

Movement? Yes! I've had a few moments where I thought I felt them moving, but it wasn't anything consistent. Last Friday I started to feel movement and shifting and it's been pretty regular since then. We learned at our anantomy scan that both babies are very active. A more so than B.

Belly Button? In

Mood? Feeling happy & blessed.

Wedding rings on or off? This varies. Most of the time they fit but from time to time they are two snug and I reach for my silicone rings.

Anatomy Scan - As I mentioned, we had our anatomy scan yesterday and everything looked great!! We have been saying many prayers to hear that news and it was definitely a relief. Both babies are growing well - Baby A is in the 84th percentile, and Baby B is in the 68% percentile. Baby A was very active and Baby B was a bit stubborn - so we have to go back next week to get more clear pictures on certain things. But from what she could see, everything looked great, just need them to cooperate for the pictures.

all smiles for their good reports

cute little cards they sent us with

like I said, Baby B (or Twin 2, here) wouldn't cooperate, so we didn't get a good profile image, only feet, haha

Prep progress made -
+ We bought cribs this week! We ended up going with mini cribs for our twins from Target. With a promo they had, a 15% off coupon, my 5% redcard discount, and some gift cards- we ended paying very little out of pocket. We've heard good things about mini cribs & it will save us a decent amount of space in the nursery.
+ We keep slowly adding more things to the registries we created

+ We have baby shower dates nailed down. We will end up with 3 total, which we feel very fortunate for. Our friends who are throwing us a couples' shower sent over this peek at the invite & I think it's so adorable!
21 week thoughts -
+ Feeling blessed to still mostly be feeling like myself
+ We love  to daydream about what our little babes will look like, what genders they will be, how much they will love growing up on our farm & so forth
+ I was asked by a stranger for the first time what I was expecting - I'm pretty sure I caught her off guard when I replied "twins!"
+ Really feeling motivated & excited to start tackling the nursery.

More bump / OOTD pictures ::

17 weeks
outfit link- maternity jeans

17 weeks
outfit details - maternity jeans / maternity tank / jacket / shoes

18 weeks
outfit link - maternity jeans

18 weeks
outfit details - maternity tank / maternity leggings / shoes

19 weeks



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