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Apr 24, 2019

It's been nearly a year since I've written one of these posts. These are pretty simple posts where I just pick a few topics to chat about - kind of like girl talk with one of your pals. Today I'm touching on things from our newest sheep to living within your means, and a few things in between.

Remember when I told you one of our sheep had a baby? Well, I finally named her. Meet Mac. She was born in January & now we have 3 girls. Cattleman says if he's going to have 3 then we may as well have more - so our little sheep herd could be expanding in the year to come.

April Birthdays - Today is my brother Daniel's 30th birthday!! Wild for him to be hitting this new decade. We've grown to be much closer over the years and through all our family has gone through. He's stepped in so many ways as the man in our lives (before my husband came along). Him and the Cattleman have really developed a great relationship over the years too - which is so neat to see. I'm eager to see him add a new role to his life this year - Uncle to our twins!! Happy birthday, brother!! Hoping this year brings you lots of smiles and adventures!

Then on the 29th my cousin + maid of honor, Emily, turns 24! We've always been close, and a little more like sister's than just cousins. Our relationship has grown so much over the past 3-4 years & it's one I value dearly. Just today I got a text from her that said "Having a nice long drive for work and thinking about how grateful I am to have you in my life." - So special! Anyway, sending a big, fun birthday cheers her way! Hoping she has a year full of fun, new experiences in her new(ish) city, travel and a new role as Auntie Em!

We have some home projects on our list for a while, and now that Spring is here we are putting them in action - plus the babies on the way helps us stay on track! We've been doing a lot of outdoor projects to kick things off. Buying and planting trees and filling the landscape bed we put in last Fall (mentioned here). We ordered more shade trees to line our fence line against the gravel road to give more privacy over time & now I want to snag a few red bud tress for our driveway. Another porch project with a BIG impact is adding cedar posts to the porch. It was something the Cattleman always planned to do when putting in the front porch, but just hadn;t done yet. We had a little Home Depot date night last week and bought the posts and today when I came home from work he had them ALL up! I'm the luckiest to have found me such a handy man. Now he's creating little trim peieces for each posts, then that will be done! I was so excited to come home to this sight!!

The other night the Cattleman and I (well, and our pup Macy) loaded up in our side by side to go mushroom hunting around the farm. This serene creek is on one of our rental farms and boy was it magical the other night. I was more intrigued by it than the mushrooms. I will definitely be taking more walks over that way to enjoy the sights.

Other than that --
+ I'm ordering a few more maternity clothes pieces for Summer and upcoming baby showers. Just when I think I'm good on clothes options, I realize I don't have nearly enough things. I've started drafting a maternity favorites post with my everything I'm loving so far.
+ My Mom and I are going to tackle the daunting spare room clean out this weekend so we can start turning the room into our twins nursery(!!!). So far we've purchased cribs, a rug and a new light fixture - so, I'm eager to get the room to blank canvas status so we can add in the newness. I hope to do a blog post of my inspiration for their room.
+ We have a mostly low key weekend on deck, so I'm hoping to be super productive. Besides cleaning the spare room out, I'm hoping to plant a few more things, chalkpaint our front porch rocking chairs, anbd finish up a dresser chalkpaint project I have going for my mom.

That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on things.


  1. What a fun post. I do have to ask why you are investing in chandelier for the babies room. I honestly would recommend investing in a quality lighted ceiling fan. The ceiling fan will be so beneficial in the summers and in the future when you need a little "white noise" when the babies are falling asleep. :) Example -

    1. Thanks! I wanted the fun look of the light fixture, we do have a fan in there now that we may swap back in later. Good thing for sound machines!

    2. Oh I agree completely! Thank goodness for sound machines. I am just a lover of the air circulation in the room too. I am starting my search now for my first house and I am determined to find places with ceiling fans already so I don't have to buy them myself! Haha!

    3. Yes! We have a ceiling fan in our room and our living room. Happy home hunting!!

  2. That baby sheep is so sweet, and I love the name! Happy birthday to your brother and cousin - you and your cousin definitely look like sisters - so pretty! The posts look awesome, and that picture all together is just so sweet. I can just imagine the trim will take them to the next level. Good luck with everything this weekend!

    1. Yes, we love little Mac, granted she's a bit bigger now. Ha, too funny, Emily & I often hear we look alike. Thanks - loving how the porch posts have transformed things!


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