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Apr 27, 2019

If you're new here, we got married on 8.18.18 & now that the dust has settled on all things wedding, I'm recapping our wedding in a series of posts. I want to catalog all the love & support we were surrounded with for of our wedding festivities. As much of a whirlwind it can be at the time, it's truly such a wonderful season of life!

You can find the first post here --Part 1 :: My Bachelorette Party

& now..PART 2 of all things wedding :: Bridal Showers 

We were blessed with THREE bridal showers. One from the Cattleman's family, one from my family + bridal party, and one from my (now old) co-workers.

The first was from the Cattleman's family, but sadly I got ZERO pictures because it was a whirlwind & I was totally unplugged. It was such a fun & thoughtful shower! The tastiest food selection including an adorable wedding dress "cake" made out of cupcakes that his 12-year-old (twin) cousins made. They had pictures everywhere of Danny & I and adorable florals + banners. We received sooo many great gifts. Registry items + personalized ones!  
- A handmade sign of our wedding hashtag
- A handmade recipe box full of recipes
- A big potted plant (full of plants I like) + a big folding table & set of chairs, which we are really in need of for entertaining (thanks, mom!)
- A trio of keepsake boxes with our names & wedding date - one for my mom to make a memory box for us, one for his mom to make a memory box for us, and a big one for us to start our own memory box.
- A huge collection of monthly gifts. We received decor items, a handmade washcloth, and a handmade decor towel (along with other goodies) for each month of the year.This was from my future-mother-in-law. Sooo much time and thought went into this. To have valentine's, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc items in the middle of May required lots of advanced thinking. June's present was the biggest with a set of 3 handmade flower yard ornaments, a Shepard's hook, and big plant stand with pots & pot ornaments.
this is all just to name a small bit of what we received - such a full heart

Our second shower was thrown by my (old) boss and co-workers. We had a casual bbq & all my co-workers brought the most thoughtful gifts.
We received registry items along with personalized ones again. Great stuff! Jane made us a wooden bech for our entryway and Rock had personalized coasters made out of our engagement pictures. So fun!

Our third shower was thrown by my family & bridesmaids. The theme was Love is Brewing. 
The decor consisted of growlers as vases for florals!! 

and a beer & bubbly bar - each bridesmaid brought a growler full of craft beer! 
there were even fun personalized favors - gold bottle openers!

This was the shower where I got the most pictures - likely because all my bridal party was there to be sure of it!

We had such tasty food, a fun crowd of so many favorite family & friends..and the gifts - so much goodness!! Great registry items we wanted, personalized items like our bags set from Erika, & so much more!

My people, full heart ::
Mom + Mother-in-law

Emily M + Emily H - Bridesmaids

Christine - Bridesmaid

Sophia - flower girl + Goddaughter 

Godmother, Aunt Patty (+venue hostess)

Cousin Emily + Maid of Honor

high school pals - Ashley + Danielle

So, there we have it. A glimpse at how much love was poured out for us when we were gearing up to enter our new chapter of life. I was constantly overwhelmed with gratitude for all our people and all they did for us.

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