Maternity Favorites

May 3, 2019

I'm now well into my second trimester of my first pregnancy (with twins!) & have found some things that are favorites of mine so far - maternity clothes, comfy shoes, mocktails + more! I wanted to write a post of all my favorite things so I could easily share with others I know who are expecting.
I plan to keep editing + adding to this post along the way. You can click the image of any of the items shown below to go directly to their link.

Maternity Clothes Favorites - 

Tops - I now have this tank in 3 colors, I love the length. I have this one in black & white and love it's spandex feel.

Bottoms - my zella leggings have been my favorite pant so far. they fit so nicely and are a good, thick legging. I was lucky and found a brand new pair on Poshmark in my size for half the price of new new.

Dresses- I have this Old Navy dress in navy & black - will be great to pair with thin cardigans and kimonos now and through Summer.

Shoes - all of these shoes are so comfy and I knew that would be a must through pregnancy as I move slower and need extra support for tired feet.

>Mocktail favorites -

+ Grapefruit Spritzer - I am a big fan of fresh grapefruit juice, and I figured even though I can't add vodka, I can still enjoy the refreshing cocktail taste. I use this juicer (amazon, $14) to juice my own grapefruits. Then I add some S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water and maybe a slce of lemon or lime & call it good. Sometimes I add a bit of NA margarita mix to make it more like a grapefruit margarita. Both are tasty!
+ Momma Mule - Just ginger beer (NA) + lime (optional :: add mint, or even maybe a dab of any fruit juice you have on hand). Again, same great taste, just minus the vodka. Lately I like to use the Q Club Ginger Beer because it doesn't have any sugar or carbs. I buy it at Wal-Mart in a 4 pack for $3.98. The Goslings Ginger Beer is a great NA option too.
+ NA Margarita Mix - The easiest option - I still salt the rim & add a lime for effect.
+ Lagunitas Hop Sparkling Water - I am such an craft-beer-loving-gal and was so pleased when I stumbled upon this on a trip to CO. It literally tasted just like my beloved IPAs. Bonus : minus the carbs and calories in actual beer. Now, if only I could figure out how to get my hands on this in MO.
+ FRE Wine - A line of non-alcoholic wines. I have only tried the Moscato so far, it was a lot sweeter than I'd like, but it was still nice to pour it into a wine glass and enjoy the taste.
+ Pinckney Bend Tonic Syrup - This stuff is so tasty. I discovered it when we visited the distillery and purchased a bottle. Now, I just enjoy with sparkling water or club soda (again, s.pellegrino or q club), throw in a lime or lemon wedge & you're good to go! You can find it at local liquor stores, Schnuck's etc if you're from the STL area.

Amazon Favorites - 
belly band - I bought this early on to help extend the life of my regular jeans and pants. It served it's purpose before I had enough of a bump to need maternity jeans.

maxi dresses -
- this tank top dress is sooo comfy, the fabric has a nice stretch to it & it has pockets. perfect for knotting and pairing with a denim jacket for Spring or wearing as is with fun accessories for Summer. At 22 weeks (with twins) I went true to size and I think I should have plenty of room to grow.

short sleeve maxi - the material of this one is not quite as comfy as the one above, but it too has pockets and I love the side slits for more of a midi look or for knotting.

Enso silicone rings - I have two of these that I stack (white + misty gray). These are nice for days when my rings feel tight or for when I eventually outgrow my wedding set.

almond oil - I have been adding this straight to the skin, or I mix a few drops into my body lotion to help with stretch marks and extra hydration.

Pregnancy journal - I've been writing in a little notebook to log pregnancy updates & memories for myself. When I spotted this journal, I thought it would be a fun one to start and write in for the twins. I just bought it at 23 weeks, so I'll have to go back a bit to log previous stuff, but it has monthly spots to fill in and update, so it shouldn't take too long.

Baby Book - I bought two of these baby books at Target and have been impressed with the quality & pages. It has some pages to fill out before our babies arrive - about mommy / about daddy / our story / family tree - things like that. I need to start working on them soon.

Places I've shopped ::
PinkBlush (20% off code)
+ Macys
+ Old Navy / GAP
+ Amazon
+ Kohls
(I've heard H&M has a good selction too, but I have not ordered there so far)

I'll keep adding more favorites as I discover them. 

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