25 Week Pregnancy Update

May 15, 2019

My husband and I are expecting TWINS this August.
We took this picture at our farm after Church one Sunday - I was 23 weeks & 6 days in this picture. I haven't gotten a picture since, but since we are 25 weeks this week, that's what we will focus on. We had an ultrasound and Dr visit yesterday & everything is looking great with our babes. They are growing and healthy!

I love reading other bloggers' "bumpdates" and wanted to share a few of my own here on the blog as I go through this special journey. Previous updates::
16 weeks
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How far along? 25 weeks, 2 days

Twins! Identical or Fraternal? Fraternal

Size of the babies? about 2lbs each. Both babies are ahead of the growth curve - A is in the 91st percentile & B is in the 72nd percentile. Grateful for healthy growing babies.

Genders? We are waiting to find out until they arrive! Prolonging the surprise.

How are you feeling? I'm still feeling good so far. I get winded more easily now as the babies continue to grow, but mostly still feel like myself.

Starting to show? Oh yes! People keep saying "I can't believe there are two in there", but I'm sure that will become rather evident in the third trimester. We shall see.

Maternity clothes? I'm still working to add more items to m,y collection. I have outgrown most of my regular active wear and tees, so finding things to wear around the house has been a struggle lately. Loose maxi dresses have been my favorite item to wear lately. So comfy. I just ordered this Amazon one this week.

This kimono below is also an Amazon find.

Best moment this week? I have 2 bests!
1. Having our Dr visit & ultrasound yesterday. Always so special to be able to peek in on them. Baby A is the most active of the two. That little one was sucking their thumb the whole scan. Our ultrasound tech showed us our baby's face in 3D - so neat! She showed us Baby B is 3D also, but the way that baby was positioned it was harder to get an image of their face. 
2. We had our first baby shower this past Saturday & it was so fun! Our friends hosted a group of pals for a shower & we had a two peas in a pod theme - it was darling & boy oh boy did we get spoiled. The uncles to be all had cute puns tied to their gifts. We got such useful & cute items. I'll likely do a shower recap post - but a few gift highlights were these rockers, lots of diapers and wipes, a car seat base, our highchairs, a humidifier & so much more.

Miss anything? I'm still missing sunny patio sips. Truly came out with a Tropical mix pack for Summer and I'd love to be tasting those. I could also go for a Jimmy John's sub..but alas, both can wait until later this Summer.

Prep progress made -
+ We have been pretty good on the progress front. We've knocked out a number of to-do's in the nursery. The Cattleman hung our new light, painted the dark green accent wall, I rolled out the new rug, and we moved in the dresser/changing table. Next up, assemble the cribs!!
+ We had our first shower & have another on Saturday. So, so fun.
+ We've been doing some adulting on the investment / life insurance front.

Cravings or aversions? 
Craving lemonade. I've taken advantage of the Sonic happy hour a few times lately. Frozen lemonade with fresh strawberries, fresh lemonade, half unsweet tea + half lemonade - those have been my go-to's. I was also craving a nutty bar. Still no aversions really.

Movement? Yea! The babies are both on the go these days. I have an anterior placenta, so basically it's in the front of my uterus and cushions some of the babies' movements early on. The kicks I feel are still faint, but pretty regular and since I have a good idea where each baby is positioned, I can usually tell which is moving. Baby A seems to be up and kicking around 6 am, where as Baby B starts moving around more so about 8 am.

Belly button? Still in. I feel like it won't be long until this changes.

Rings? They mostly still fit..sometimes in the mornings they are too tight to put on. My silicone rings have been more comfy, so often I opt for them for day to day.

Mood? Happy + blessed. The Spring weather has me in a great mood, well despite having a cold this week. I'm enjoying the prep for our babies and all the love we are being showered with for them.

Current thoughts -
+ we are debating whether or not to do a maternity session
+ loving writing in my pregnancy journals. I had been writing in a small notebook, more so for me. But I recently ordered this pregnancy journal from Amazon and am going to write in that one for the twins.
+ I wrote a post about some of my maternity favorites thus far, and I plan to keep adding to it as I go. You can read it here.

so, there we have week 25.

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