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Jun 29, 2019

I'm sitting here, enjoying a sunny, Saturday afternoon + evening that I get to spend with my feet propped up, relaxing. The Cattleman just headed out for his diaper party that our brothers are throwing him. I am washing up the last of our baby items and going to do a little inventory of how many outfits we have in each size so I can start filling in some gaps for their early days. Hoping to hit some Summer garage sales in the area before the babes arrive. Today's thoughts are focused around the final stage of my pregnancy & Summer ---

This Summer so far has involved lots & lots of fun events and celebrations. I touched on some of our June highlights yesterday in this post. With a lot of the big stuff under our belt - baby showers, pulling off the big surprise 60th, & most of our home projects tackled - I can feel the slowdown creeping in for me..the time where my body is saying it's time to relax, prop my feet up and stay calm and cool for these babies to keep growing as long as possible.
I keep circling back to the concept that I just need to accept the fact that I will be sitting this Summer out. Sounds a bit dramatic, I know.. But, the reality is that this Summer is just going to look a lot different than most for me. While we haven't really slowed down yet, I know July is the month that this will need to happen for me. I'm approaching week 32 of pregnancy, and with twins typically coming early, I'd like to do what I can to ensure they don't come too early.
July is typically a fun, whirlwind of Fair seasons for us - something that we look forward to! The Cattleman is very involved at two of our local county fairs, and I always love being at each- socializing with so many friends + family, supporting the community & embracing small-town Summer fun. If there is mild weather I will maybe attempt a night at each fair, but I won't be going my typical 4 nights of each fair week. It will just be too much + too hot + too far along into my twin pregnancy. It's hard for me to sit out fun events & miss out on the action - but I have a feeling it's not going to be worth the swelling & exhaustion this year.

Meanwhile, I'll be relaxing right here, in the comfort of the AC, kicked back. Doing things like writing in my pregnancy journal + their baby books, reading some parenting books + fiction books, perhaps catching up on the long list of blog posts I'd like to go live, finally making wedding photo books, you know - things like that. I know this relaxing + slowing down will be good for me, and likely necessary to make it to the home stretch of this pregnancy.

There is also plenty of prepping left for these babies. Organizing their items, their closet, their nursery. Packing hospital bags. Completing the online birthing class we enrolled in. Styling the last little tid bits of their nursery. I have some DIY floral hoops I want to create for over their cribs. The list goes on and on.

It's still so surreal to think we are going to be welcoming TWO babies into our lives here in the next 6 weeks or so. I can't wrap my mind around just how much our lives are about to change but I am pretty darn excited to step into this new chapter with my Cattleman and meet our babies. Blessed doesn't even cut it.


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