Friday Best - The BEST of June

Jun 28, 2019

Happy Friday, folks! Life has been really good to me lately! We have been surrounded by so much love and excitement as we get closer and closer to welcoming our babes into the world. This pregnancy feels like it is just flying by.

I have missed popping in to recap little tid bits from my week. But it turns out that working full-time, being pregnant with twins, prepping for bringing home babies, and keeping up with misc. social events pretty much takes up all my energy I have. My time to devote to blogging has mostly gotten utilized elsewhere. I'll still be popping in to log life's little moments - I just have a feeling my posts will continue to be even more sporadic than before.

Instead of just focusing on this week - let's catch up & chat about some of my BESTS from all of June--

Babies' Shower - We started out the month with another great baby shower. This one was thrown by my Mom with the help of my Cousin Emily & my Aunts. Theme = Two Babies are Brewing. I plan to do a full post recapping all our showers - so I'll keep things brief. We had a great group of people, tasty food, adorable details & our babies got so many great items.

How cute are these two little beer themed naked cakes? The same lady who made our wedding cake made these!

Em - my favorite!

We're doing this, Cattleman!

A surprise party + a graduation party - We celebrated a cousin's high school graduation with an afternoon at a park. My brother had a surprise 30th party at Top Golf! He was definitely surprised and my Mom, the Cattleman and me all met the party bus down at the party. Lots of celebrating, all on the same Saturday no less!

An Engagement -- My great pal, Christine, got ENGAGED!!! I was lucky enough to be a resource to Matt as he was planning for this step & picking a ring. He did so, so good and I am just so darn happy for them both! He threw a mini engagement gathering at Rockwell Beer Company to celebrate!

Healthy & Growing Babies -- We are so blessed that both myself & both of our babies continue to be healthy - I shared a 31 week pregnancy update this week. You can check that out to read more about how things are progressing. Luckily - so far, so good! 

June 18th - We toasted to my Dad's 64th birthday! I was home with a non-alcoholic craft beer, the Cattleman was at my parents' farm baling hay and cheersed with a mini Mountain Dew, my brother was working in Chicago and had a smart water, and my Mom was at dinner with gal pals and had a margarita. This was the same day we got a 30 week check up on our twins, which I thought was pretty special to check in on Grandpa's birthday. 

Cheers to 60 years - so much celebrating in June! My Mom and my Father-in-Law share a birthday (there were even born in the same hospital & their mom's shared a hospital room - so wild!). This year they turned 60 on a Saturday so we HAD to celebrate BIG! We managed to surprise them both with a massive party here at our farm. It was certainly a group effort - but we had 120+ people up to our home/farm to celebrate our birthday duo. It was so much fun & went SO well!!! Another event I want to share more on in a full post soon.

Diaper Party - our brothers / future uncles are throwing the Cattleman a diaper party tomorrow. They will have some fun guy time and our babes will likely get a nice stash of diapers to help get us going in the first months of twins! Again, surrounded by so much love and blessed with our community of family & friends.

Outside of those big moments ::
+ we have been knocking out home projects - mainly of the organizing and styling variety
+ the Cattleman has been baling hay and farming when he can get some dry days - so much rain this Summer here
+ we consoled a family friend as they said goodbye to their 20 year old son - quite a tragic loss!
+ I've rested a bit here and there on days where my body told me to chill out
+ I have been watching The Bold Type on Hulu+ and highly recommend
+ we are scheduling a maternity session for this coming month

& there you have it - a peek at the bests of June. 

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