Hello August - a quick update on life

Aug 17, 2020

August. The Sunday of Summer.

I recently read that line and loved it. We've been soaking up the last little bit of Summer as we prepare for it to fade into Fall. 

It's been a few months since I last popped in here and that will continue to be the norm in this season of life. 

Our twins turned ONE a few weeks ago, and they are so busy and so fun! Their personalities continue to grow, they are both walking, their interactive play with eachother has grown and it's all just  so fun to watch...I could go on and on. 

My husband and I are celebrating our two year wedding annversary tomorrow and took our first kid-free getaway together this past weekend - it was local and quick, but so nice. We are grateful both of our families live close by and are willing to help with our kiddos. Speaking of the anniversary...I've yet to finish that wedding recap series and share a post with pictures / details of our big day....maybe someday soon I'll set aside an entire day for all my creative wishlist items. :)

Since becoming a mom, I've leaned more into my Instagram page. It's the creative outlet that makes the most sense for me right now. I enjoy writing & sharing there but will continue to write blog posts here an there when I want to expand upen topics. I'll make a little list at the end of this post of topics to come.

Somthing new I started on Instagram is a series called OUT WEST WEDNESDAY. Each week I highlight a business "Out West" of St. Louis. It's been such fun to partner with local businesses and share the stories behind their brands. I plan to write a post that highlights all the businesses that have been featured, and continually add to it to create a resource for all the inforamtion in one spot. 

As Fall nears things have been busy for my small shop, Three Sheep Shack. We are updating our entire Etsy site, and while it's a massive undertaking, it's going to be so worth it! I'm grateful to be outsourcing our product photography to my talented blog friend, Ashley. Her images are going to pair beautifully with our new branding and I am so eager to see it all come together. We are also adding local partners that will carry our products in their shops. It's such fun to have this small shop with my Mom. If you missed the post on Our Whyyou can read it here.

Other than that, there are always things happening on our farm - we have beef that will be available again come December if you happen to be in the market for farm fresh beef and are local. On the home front, we have a shouse room addition that is getting some attention at the moment. Excited for the extra living space that will provide when it's done! 

Alrighty, that's all for now! If anyone is still around reading these posts, I'd love for you to drop a comment on this post and say hello!

& posts to come - 

Out West Wednesday Partners

Mae & Josie's Farmers Market First Birthday Recap

A One Year Old Gift Guide

Where to Shop Three Sheep Shack This Fall 

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