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Apr 25, 2020

We are rounding out week S I X of quarantine here on the farm and it feels like a great time to share a laid back letter in this space.
2020 has taken some crazy turns and continues to surprise me with lessons learned.  Little did I realize how much my word for the year - simple - would resonate.
We have had a really simple rhythm ever since welcoming our girls.
But, the Coronavirus has further pushed the envelope here. Wiping calendars completely clear of all happenings. Layers and layers of impact.
With our girls being so young and home with me daily, it hasn't impacted our routine but it has impacted our ability to lean on our village and be surrounded by our favorite people.
Our girls haven't been in contact with anyone besides me and the Cattleman since all of this.
While I'm grateful for the extra family time, just us also breaks my heart that we don't get to share the joy our girls bring with any of our loved ones. It's taking a toll on their grandparents, among others.
They are changing so much since their grandparents last got to spend time with them.
What was once a weekly occurrence is now inching in on two months of true time together.

All that to say, it's been impactful but okay all at once. 
I hope you too are okay in an overall kind of way. 

What have we been up to since I last posted? 
My everyday goal.

Winter turned to Spring and we have welcomed the warmer weather with LOTS of gravel road stroller walks. The girls love time spent outside and so do mom & dad - so, we soak that up as much as possible.

I've been doing landscaping and gardening. I got my first ever cut flower garden planted yesterday. We expanded our vegetable garden to include an in-ground bed, in addition to one raised bed. 16 rows of flower seeds sown in - zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers, daisies & hollyhocks & more.
Here's to hoping my harvest is bountiful enough to share blooms for the growing kindness project I signed up for.

I planted porch pots, edited some landscaping and have a raised garden of lettuce going on the patio. I was lucky to have tons of vegetable and flower seeds on hand to make all of this happen without venturing out. Then we did a curbside pickup from a local nursery for the flowers for porch planters.

We rolled past the 36 week mark and officially have had the girls with us as long as we awaited them. The bump picture on the left was taken before we headed to the hospital to have the girls and the right was taken on the day they turned 36 weeks.
They are such fun! A lot of work, but a lot of fun. They eat so many foods, Josie crawls and Mae is close to a true crawl, they play together and try to make the other laugh.
Josie is a pulling up/standing machine and is always so curious. A little peek into our future...looking so grown  below.

The farm has seen a few changes here recently too. We went through another calving season and welcomed many sweet new calves to the herd. There was a change in our farm partnership. And we added more sheep! We added 5 new katahdins - 4 ewes and 1 ram.

Feeling a little extra homestead-y through all of the COVID-19 craziness. Expanding herds and gardens. I'm hopeful to harvest plenty of produce and blooms to share this Summer. Hopefully I will figure out ways to preserve our produce harvests to enjoy through other seasons too.

So, that's where we are at.
Slow, simple days. Cleared calendars. Growing girls.
Some days thriving, but overall focusing on surviving this.
A calm Spring with hopes that this will all subside so we can have fun all Summer.
A Fall ahead packed with those postponed weddings and events.
Full of hope for the seasons to come.
Stay well, friends.

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