Midwest A-Frame Rentals

Jan 6, 2022

My someday goal is to build an A-Frame on a farm for personal use + to rent out for short term stays. Until then, I'd like to travel to a few Midwest ones for weekend stays. When I mentioned this on my Instagram, many of my followers mentioned being interested in some options to rent. So, I thought I'd share some of my findings in a post here to create a resource for us all. 


Option 1. Location - Arkansas

$240/night -- Rental Link 

Option 2. Location - Arkansas
$261/night -- Rental Link

Option 3.  Location - Ohio
$300/night -- Rental Link.

Option 4. Location - Missouri

$536/night -- Rental Link
You can find a lot of A Frame style rentals in this Innsbrook Resort in Missouri.

Option 5. Location - Missouri
$283/night -- Rental Link
(also in the Innsbrook Resort)
Option 6. Location - Arkansas
$130/night - Rental Link

Here's an article I found of 15 of the best A-Frames to rent on Airbandb across the US - from Oregon to New York. Rental prices ranging from $161 - $445/night.

Know of other great A-Frames for rent? DM them to me on Instagram and I'll get them added to this post.

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