Where to Buy Cut Flower Seeds & What Seeds I'm Buying

Jan 20, 2022

It’s the dead of Winter and it’s the ideal time to be garden planning and seed buying! What better way to spend the cold, dreary days, right? I placed my final seed orders for the season and what to share what seeds I am buying & where I am buying them so that it can potentially help be a resource in your garden journey. I also saved many seeds from my garden blooms last year that I intend to plant and grow this year. My garden is very low brow - I have two 4 x 16 raised garden beds that I grow in that are located in a full sun area on our farm. However you decide to start a garden, it doesn't have to be fancy or intricate to grow flowers and bring you joy

15+ flower seeds I purchased to grow & start from 

seed this season –

I’ve broken them down by business & I’ve included item links!

Of note - many seeds sell out quickly (especially Floret) so availability is limited and varies. But you can always sign up for restock notifications or search online for availability from different vendors.

Floret Flowers

 Johnny's Select Seeds

I am actually planting this in my landscape bed

Baker Creek has a great selection of Zinnias. I loved growing the Polar Bear White Zinnias last year & saved seeds from my blooms to grow this year, highly recommend those!

Bonus of Baker Creek = FREE shipping. They are also a Missouri based business, which I love since I too am from Missouri.

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+ Johnny's has this Easy Cut Flower Garden Set. It's not something I purchased, but this would be a great place to start! You can purchase all of the seeds they have listed to build florist quality bouquets of bright accent flowers, fillers, and spikes. 

+ Zinnias - Johnny's has a great variety of zinnias to choose from. These are an EASY flower to grow starting out and one I will forever grow many varieties of because they are beautiful in bouquets and so low maintenance. I plan to use many seeds I saved from last year to plant again this year. Some I love include -- queen lime blush, queen lime orange, Oklahoma salmon, Znderella Peach, White - you really cannot go wrong with any! This post includes a few other varieties I've grown.

+ Floret 2022 Winter Mini Course - How to Start Flowers From Seed - Floret offers this free course if you'd like to enhance your knowledge on this topic before Spring.

+ Winter Sowing Seeds - This is how I started seeds last year & intend to do the same this year. It is an easy way to start hardy or perennial flowers from seed. I touch on the process more in this post.


+ 16 Easy Flowers I'm Growing in my Cut Flower Garden

+ My First Year Flower Garden

I hope you found this helpful! If you put any of this information to use, I’d love for you to tag or DM me on Instagram @rootsoutwest so I can see + share in my stories. Have a question? Feel free to DM me and I'm happy to try to help!


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