Feb 3, 2022

How to DIY Stencil Concrete Floors on the Interior of your Home.

I will say that this was a daunting project. One we put off for a while, but once we got into it it truly was not that bad.

We needed to tie two types of concrete floors together with a different finish in our hallway after doing an addition. So,  it seemed like a perfect time to try out stenciled floors. It was tedious & time consuming with dry times for each layer of paint. But now it’s done & we are so happy with the result.

Process —
We did two layers of base paint.
1 layer of the stencil paint.
And 3 layers of the sealer.

Details —
Stencil = Cutting Edge Stencils - Verona Tile Stencil - Large Double Tile size.
Paint =  Behr Porch & Patio Floor Paint (low-lustre enamel). Base Coat in Grant Gray. Stencil Design Paint in White Dove.

Tips —
+ Use a small foam roller to apply stencil paint.
+ Less paint is more with the stencil design. I rolled on a thin layer of paint & then rolled off any excess onto a towel before painting the stencil each time. This allowed for quick re-aligning of the stencil to keep going and not wait on dry time between stencil applications.
+ I kept a swifter dry sheet on me to grab any dirt + dust along the way as I was stenciling.
+ Use painters tape to hold the stencil in place. I was able to reuse the same pieces the entire time.
+ This project is best suited for a “partial perfectionist”. The design hides some imperfections and it won’t be perfect, so don’t fixate and keep moving along. You can touch up the paint before sealing.

COMING SOON - more details on the process steps, tips and things we wish we had known going into this project. Pin this post to access those details once the blog post is updated.


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