Expecting Baby 3 - Bump Update for weeks 20, 24, & 28

Jan 28, 2022

What it’s like to be pregnant with a singleton after having twins my first pregnancy – bump updates along with some maternity favorites so far.

Everyone always says your second pregnancy (& those following) go by much faster. Honestly, I thought my twin pregnancy went by fast since I delivered at 36 weeks! I basically knew to expect it any time after week 32 when my blood pressure was giving me trouble & I had a short hospital stay. But, this trumps that. It’s going by so quickly!  As I write this I am 29 weeks along and wanted to do a recap of the weeks that have recently gone by… And at 29 weeks we’ve basically prepped nothing so far… I mean, we’ve done a little. But nothing like all the prep that took place so far when we were expecting the twins.

A few of the basics --  

Gender – we are waiting to find out until birth – we did this with our twins too!

Nicknames – at first I was calling the baby “baby bun”. Then we started saying “baby C” and that’s what stuck! With our twins, everything was charted and logged as “Baby A” & “Baby B” medically (it still is). So, now that this baby is our third, he or she is “Baby C”.

Excited for – I think it’s really neat that I am able to experience what it’s like to carry a singleton & also have had the experience of carrying twins. I truly think it’s so special to be able to experience both and have the two experiences to compare. I know everything is going to be so different this time around for delivering and bringing home a newborn.

First bump pic = week 14

18 weeks - We shared our news on social media. See the videohere. These are the BIG SISTER tees I ordered for the girls off Etsy. I got them on sale for $10 each!

20 weeks -

Baby is a size of abanana

Showing - no, not really much of a bump yet

Names picked out – We have some boy options that we didn’t use with the twins, we need to narrow down a top contender. As for a girl, we need to figure out some options.

Feeling – more energetic. I finally started getting energy back around week 18 or so. My pelvic floor is feeling a little more pressure this time, but overall feeling good. Also feeling lots of lower back pain - my heating pad has been my best friend most days.

Best Moment – having our anatomy scan and getting positive results on your growth. We got to check in on Baby C and have this scan on Thanksgiving week, which made us extra grateful of this blessing.

Cravings – candy – sour or gummy specifically, Squirt soda, Beef ramen noodles.

Aversions – nothing really. I don’t really want steamed veggies, but that’s about it.

Movement – yes! I started feeling flutters and kicks at 18 weeks & that started ramping up even more at 19 weeks. This time I have a posterior placenta so I am able to feel more of the movement. With the twins my placenta was anterior (in front) and it cushioned me from feeling a lot of movement. Plus my doctor said in general moms feel more movement & feel it sooner with their second pregnancy.

Wearing - Mostly all my normal clothes still. I did break out my side panel jeans. I like this style of jean earlier on before the bump truly shows up. These leggings are also great early on and further through pregnancy (non maternity).

Baby Book - I am going with The Short Years baby book this time. I love that they streamline so much of the process, I think that will be a win for baby 3. I bought it on sale for Black Friday and then actually got it for FREE when they ran a reimbursement giveaway from their sales. Wahoo! I use this As You Grow baby book for the twins.

24 weeks - 

Baby is a size of a cantaloupe

Showing? – Yes! I’d say the bump showed up around week 22 this time. Much later than with the twins, I was already showing by week 16 then.

Sleep – struggling to fall asleep & turn my mind off…resulting in very late bedtimes, but once I’m asleep I am good.

Feeling – overall, fine. More nausea this time than with the twins.

Missing – Prosecco + IPA. But I found some good Non-Alcoholic options for both. An IPNA by Lagunitas Beer & a Sparkling Brut by Fre Wines.

Cravings – Doritos, Avocado Toast, Everything Hummus, & Grilled Cheese.

Wearing - still in side panel jeans, maternity tanks and loving these long cardigans.

28 weeks -

Baby is a size of an – eggplant

Sleep – I have been uncomfortable on this front, so I added this belly pillow for added comfort when sleeping. I'm really loving it. I also sleep with a pillow like this under my legs. I've bee doing that well before pregnancy though.

Sipping - allll of the water I can get. I'm always parched. Liquid IV has been helping with that. I've been craving the golden cherry flavor. You can use my code ROOTSOUTWEST to save 25% and get FREE shipping.

Feeling – Good overall. Definitely moving slower and feeling the weight + pressure of my belly bump.

Best Moment – Mae saying "baby" when she points to my belly

Baby Prep Happening – ………….. coming up blank on this one. I mean, we are wrapping up home projects in order to get the twins moved to their new room and free up the nursery for Baby C…so, things are happening, just not directly. I also want to get a freezer meal stash going for the newborn days. I've been crowdsourcing some best go-to recipes from others & adding my faves too. I am compiling a big Freezer Meal Checklist that I'll send out via e-mail - get on the e-mail list here.

Cravings – Cinnamon bears candy, raspberries, brownies, hard boiled eggs, powdered donuts.

Aversions – hmm nothing really.

Movement – still feeling lots of kicks and movement. I am pretty sure 

Wedding Rings Fitting? - I went to take them off for our floor paiting project and struggled a bit...not sure if it was due to the sodium from the Buffalo Wild Wings the night before or not..but it made me nervous and I have been wearing my silicone rings since.

Wearing - loving this henley dress (above) & now in full panel jeans & leggings. These leggings are my current faves - gotta love leggings with pockets!

I hope you found some helpful bits in this post! You can read my bump updates with the twins here – 16 weeks / 21 weeks / 25 weeks / 31 weeks / 34 weeks 

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