Friday Five

Mar 2, 2012

{1} Quotes that intrigued me this week.
  •  "What advice do you have to entrepreneurs-to-be? You must be tenacious & you must run your business with integrity." -given by Laura Nelli via Classically Eclectic.
  • "The best merchants in the world aren’t trying to predict what’s cool. The best merchants in the world  are dictating what’s cool." Under Armour’s founder and CEO, Kevin Plank.
  • "She took the leap and built her wings on the way down." Via Running On Happiness. (I just discovered this blog and I am infatuated).
{2} Eli Young Band. I saw them in concert last night. Love them. I consider them The Fray of country music. :)

(When it Rains)

{3} Bangs. I never have bangs because I don't like hair in my face. I have the urge to cut bangs though. I am getting a cut tomorrow, we'll see what I decide to do.

{4} Boots. Winter is almost over and I am still here obsessing over boots. Someone tell me to get sandals on the brain. I am obsessing over these funky combat boots I found on Rachel's blog. Thanks to the fact that I gave up shopping for Lent, I won't be able to purchase before Spring is here.
The Boot.

Rachel sporting the boot.

{5} Photography. Obviously my pictures are not high quality on this blog. I really want to get a decent camera and take some amateur photography classes soon.

WINNER of this giveaway celebrating my 50 followers is:
Too cute! I wish I'd thought to giveaway something at 50! ;) I'm working on a 100 follower giveaway when I get there!!
Congrats Erin! I'll be contacting you shortly.


  1. I love Reese's hair, it is always perfect no matter what she does! Hope you have a great weekend:)

  2. YES- go for the bangs!! I love the Eli Young Band too- amazing! Have a wonderful weekend Jess :)

    1. My hairdresser already told me she knew I would regret the bangs if I did it.. Hmmmm.

  3. I got "banged" (haha!) back in December and I LOVE them. Now they've grown out a bit and are even cuter than before. It's a fun change that won't last forever, I say go for it! Have a great weekend :)

  4. Thanks for your mention. You're so cute!!(:


  5. i love that haircut of reese's!! so perfect. xoxo

  6. Hey Jess! I love your blog! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a really fun giveaway I’m having!
    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  7. I love bangs...I think they are adorable! If you get them I'm sure they'll look great :)

  8. Ah to BANG or not to BANG! Hair of course! I'm still debating and my spot is tomorrow! :) and don't you just LOVE Katie (running on happiness)? She is one of my fave blogs! Although I love yours too girl!!


    1. I didn't BANG (my hair). I did faceframing layers instead, which is much more mild, my hairdresser told me those bangs would drive me bonkers. (tis true).
      I'm obsessed with her blog. Thanks girlie!!

  9. I got bangs once and ended up pinning them everyday until they grew out! I feel your pain. and those quotes are too great!

    A Southern Drawl

  10. I'm a total bang person, so I say go for it!


  11. I want bangs too. I'm suppose to be in the process of letting them grow out.


  12. love the messy hair movement!


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