Weekend Vibes v.1

Jul 14, 2015

Hi all -
My weekend started out with my only plan getting cancelled. MuckFest was supposed to happen on Saturday, but got postponed due to all the flooding we have had. So, I had a  weekend of no plans that quickly turned into a weekend jam packed with plans and I loved every bit of it.

Friday - 
I had a pizza date with my friend Erika and her little girl, Lily, after work. Then I won tickets to the Corey Smith concert at The Pageant so I grabbed a friend and headed there. I've enjoyed his music since college and didn't even realize he was going to be in town. The Pageant is my favorite venue so I was excited to win these tickets! My friend had never heard of Corey Smith so she asked me to describe him. I said he was like a country version of Dave Matthews...then he played a Dave song in his encore and I was in heaven! You can catch a snippet here!

I started my day out with a trip to the Tower Grove Farmers' Market. This was the first time I've hit a Farmer's Market all Summer, craziness! I walked away with some peaches, tomatoes and an apricot lavender pop from Whisk

Next stop- my Aunt's pool to finally enjoy a warm day and sunshine. They had BBQ on the grill and cold Shandys in the fridge. Happy Jess. See a peek at my poolside gear here.

3rd stop- #BudsandBurgers
My friend had free tickets to this event, and it was a blast! Beers, burgers and live music. I love STL events like this. They are what Summer is all about!

My friend, Erika, invited me to her aunt's lake property for a day of relaxing and soaking up the sun. Their property and lake was awesome. It was huge! There was a sand beach and we got to kayak! I had never kayaked before so I was especially excited for this part.

A quick peek at my Sunday thoughts vs. my Monday thoughts.

I decided to change up my title of my weekend re-caps from "weekend snaps" to "weekend vibes". So, hence this is technically v.1.

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