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Apr 29, 2016

This week has been relatively calm on my end & I'm keeping it simple for this post. I'm looking forward to a weekend back at my parent's farm this weekend and have plans to head to Bat Creek Brewery for the first time and to attend a baptism.

Links I've liked this week >>
++ The 20 Best Books To Read This Spring - Redbook
++ Now I want to travel to Asheville 
++ Printable mother's day gift tags
++ Want to increase productivity? Check out these 9 TED talks
++ How to partner with brands
++ Summer beer + dessert pairings
++ We have a summer sale going on in our Etsy shop

Things to do in St. Louis this weekend >>
+ Global Brew Rock Hill CAN JAM
+ Lanai Coffee's 1st Birthday (yoga + coffee)
+ O'Fallon, MO Food Truck Frenzy
+ Donate food at Ballpark Village for FREE Cardinals tickets

Stay wild, folks!

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  1. Love those B&W letters! Asheville is on my list to visit too! It's on the complete opposite side of the state but I'd love to see the mountains!

    1. Aren't those fun? I bet you could craft something creative like that. I'd love to hike in Asheville too, looks like it would be worth the trek for us both.


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