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Aug 25, 2017

I get to head out of work early today due to the team having a successful week!! I love perks like this- kicking off the weekend early! I kept things low-key this week - the solar eclipse on Monday was the biggest highlight. Tonight we are road-trippin' with Emily & Michael to head out of town for a surprise 30th, tomorrow I'm playing it by ear and Sunday we are going to the Cardinals game. One of the Cattleman's family friends is throwing out the first pitch! Let's get into the bests of the week --

Best experience
The solar eclipse! The 360 degree sunset was so neat to see. This is a picture I took of that at about 1:16 PM here in St. Louis. We have a balcony off our 8th floor office so that was where we watched from. We had snacks and eclipse beer too! I didn't look too much into this and didn't know what to expect, but wow- that was so, so neat!

Best reminder
some nights the "self-care shoulds" outweigh all the other "shoulds" -- that is what I told myself
Monday night. It was one of those nights that I had plenty of things I should have been doing, but instead I lit a candle, did a bit of journaling, watched some tv, and just relaxed on the couch. It's not often I do that, but I've found that after a busy weekend or a few weeks of hectic timelines, it's a must for me. So, I let myself just be. It was lovely.

Best freebie
Barre3 class in Westport Plaza again - This is such a good class to attend. It was a nice evening with a breeze, the playlist is always good and boy does the class burn. They had a special of 5 classes for $50, so I purchased that. Gotta get after some trip prep!

Best show
The Cattleman and I jumped on the Ozark train and it has definitely captured our interest. We are about halfway through the series now.

Best sip
Amy was handing out information packets along with these true lime flavor packs at Barre class. The watermelon one is so good!

Best jokes
The Cattleman was texting me some cow related jokes this are two PG ones ::
--why did the cow cross the road? -- to get to the udder side
--why do farmers put bells on their cows' necks? -- because their horns don't work
I love me some corny jokes!

Best finds [LOFT]

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  1. Haha, cracking up at those jokes. The cornier the better for me! Enjoy your weekend - we were definitely lucky seeing eclipse - it was so cool!


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