Happy Day of LOVE

Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I have always been a sucker for all the bright decor & giftables for Valentine's Day. I love it! I've got on my blush cardigan and some pink lipstick today...but other than that, the most festive thing I did this year was mail Valentine's cards to my mom & future mother-in-law...nothing too elaborate. I treated myself to a new pair of earrings & plan to treat myself to some LipSense too!

Tonight, the Cattleman and I plan to cook dinner together and listen to some music. We are trying out a spin on this recipe - We are subbing shrimp for chicken since it's the first day of Lent, and we are also adding mushrooms & broccoli. We plan to hand-make some cards for eachother (think Kindergarten level here, ha).. I think this will be a fun tradition to start..cost effective and more personal. We are opting for experience over gifts  and heading to Pere Marquette Lodge in March for a quick stay.

One of my 2018 goals is to share a little more love, so today's post is dedicated to just that
-- L O V E. Links, local, goodies, throwbacks, and more --

Local flower truck I'm lovin
Rudy's is adorable and will be near my office today to pick up flowers- such a fun concept!

Links I love
+ this Instagram post on vacations - all the yes!
+ Glitter Guide's post on a month of self-love
+ Emily's post on being my bridesmaid!
+ Donut conversation hearts...is there anything better?! Well, maybe this pink & red lip themed party!
+ Floral desktop downloads - I currently have number 3 - peonies - as my desktop..I've never ever set my current work desktop to be personalized..odd, right?

Cake love
The image above is my inspiration for my wedding cake! I want it to be naked, minus the drips. Love the donuts and florals.

Valentine's Love from 2017
I enjoyed a look back at last year's post

Valentine's style + gifts I'm lovin

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