Friday Best - Daylight Savings Weekend

Mar 9, 2018

We've had a sunny, but cold week here in St. Louis. And speaking of colds, I've got one that kept me down from work one day this week. But, I'm on the mend and ready to embrace my weekend. The image above is giving me great spring + weekend vibes...leather clutch, coffee and fresh florals..Nothing too big on my weekend agenda...I have a baby shower for my pal Kara and that's the only "official" thing on the calendar. Looking forward to some white space on said calendar and getting a few things done. Now on to the bests of the week -- spring florals, bucket lists, sips and wedding talk..

best wedding update
Did you see that I  bought a dress?! Pretty pumped about that.

best Spring to-do list
I'd like to do just about everything on  this list -- take a hike, start a brunch club, weekend getaway, nightly walks, so much goodness.

best project DIY
I recently remembered an old mirror I have from my apartment living days and I want to do use rub n buff on it to turn it copper. Jessica did it on  her kitchen lights and I love how it looks. I found an article on how to do so  here.

best things up my sleeve
a re-brand of this here blog (with some help from  Jess!)..more on this soon + a creative side-hustle gig

best sip
I finally snagged this  jalapeno limeade juice from Trader Joe's to mix for cocktails.

best weekly finds - I'm in love with all the Loft new-ness


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