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Apr 12, 2018

This may be my new favorite series to write..a place to capture happenings, inspiration and what not's. I wrote this post on country living long before I even met the Cattleman and it's funny that I'll be moving back to the country in the coming months and the things in that post will be my reality. My home will be on the market next week, gah! So amid wedding planning, home staging and all of the typical everyday things..I've been having fun collecting ideas + inspiration for making the Cattleman's house our home. I am loving all of the styling in the image above and think it would be fun in the foyer at the farm. My co-worker has gotten into really into woodworking lately& wants to make us a wedding gift, so we've been looking at potential items for her to build, and this is currently at the top of the list.

Last week I got my eye's examined as I could tell my eye sight has been changing and my Cattleman has been prompting me to set an appointment for quite some time now. Well, I learned my eyes have changed and I am going from no prescription to a mild prescription.. I knew Warby Parker was going to be the route I would take, so my friend and I went to the Central West End location this week. I ordered a pair of everyday glasses (I went with the Chamberlain) and a pair of sunglasses. We capped off our evening in CWE with Mission Taco!

I'm going to an Orange Theory Fitness class tonight for the first time. My cousin Natalie is a member and used to work there, so she's bringing me along for a free intro class. I plan to join to kick start some fitness and get more fit for the big day!

Now that Spring has decided to arrive I have all things florals on the mind. I purchased some pansies for my hanging baskets on my front porch (working to ramp up the curb appeal) and we are getting tulips to plant at the end of the drive at the Cattleman's farm - Wal-Mart has them for $1 a pop. I have 5, but need to grab more. Other than that, I have lots of seeds going for the garden this Summer. My radishes are growing like crazy and already need to be re-potted.

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