Friday Best - 1st in June

Jun 1, 2018

Friday! Thank goodness!! How inviting is this firepit set up? Love it - I wish I was spending my weekend sitting there relaxing.

This week has been a hectic, whirlwind - every evening has had something going on. This weekend is full speed too. With  the move my daily commute has increased and I drive 120 miles round trip - so I've been in the car for about 2.5 hours a day...which hasn't been bad yet, but it's been a short week.  Our home is still a state of unorganized chaos and we have had zero free time to address any of it. I pre-closed on my home yesterday and the actual close happens today at 2:00. This evening my co-workers are hosting a shower for us at my boss' house. Should be a casual backyard event - we are looking forward to it. Then on Saturday I have my cousin Natalie's bachelorette party at  Cedar Lakes & we are staying at a hotel after. Hoping to not be hurting on Sunday so that we can accomplish some home + wedding to-do's and ideally grill out and chill a bit. Now on to the bests of the week -- 

best plans for the month
work wedding shower / Natalie's bachelorette party / weekend at the lake / family+friend wedding shower / Natalie's rehearsal dinner 

best anniversary + dinner date
Tuesday (5/29) the Cattleman and I celebrated our 2 year dating anniversary.  We decided on an impromptu meet up at the Dairy Queen patio that we had our first "date" on two years ago. It wasn't fancy but it felt just right - and it was a nice patio evening.

best decision
we finally made a honeymoon decision - Bahamas!!! In exactly 3 months we will be lounging on this stunning beach & I cannot wait to spend time on these hammocks!

best message
Roam where the wifi is weak - love this message from  Freckled Hen Farmhouse
best dress finds

I hope you take time to enjoy your weekend. Cheers!


  1. I love your DQ date night. So nostalgic and sweet. Your weekend plans sound jam packed but so fun! Have a great weekend!

    1. We enjoyed it :) - it will be a busy one, but fun indeed. Enjoy yours too! off to read your post!

  2. Ahh you're going to have the best time in the Bahamas...and it's so soon! EEK!

    1. We ran into a bit of a snag- may be heading somewhere else now..regardless it will be tropical and amazing!!


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