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Jun 4, 2018

Raise your hand if you wish this were your view this morning instead of your work setting....

Boy, since the move life has been 100% non-stop! But now that the closing on my home is complete and the weekend is behind us..this week may allow for creating some new routines... I'll do a full weekend recap later this week, but for today I wanted to pop in and share a few things on my mind.

// This week I'll be back into the swing of Orange Theory & am eager to make fitness a priority again now that the move is complete (minus the mounds of boxes). Going to give a new location + time a try.

// This weekend we are heading to the Lake of the Ozarks for the Cattleman's cousin's 30th! Hence, the peaceful lake view above. On one hand, I'm semi-regretting us agreeing to go, because we could definitely use a slow-paced weekend to catch up on alll the things. But on the other, we are overdue for a laid-back weekend away surrounded by water..and the pictures of the condo we are staying at are stunning. So, we are just walking away from our endless to-do list and treating ourselves to some unplugged time away with friends.

// We ran into some snags when booking our honeymoon and may be back at square one. doh! Nothing major, first world problem for sure. We will sort it out.

// My future mother-in-law has to undergo surgery this week, so extra prayers there would be much appreciated.

// Keeping things vague - but I have some other adulting to do this week that is a blessing and a struggle all in one...extra prayers there too would be helpful.

// We had awesome weather yesterday and enjoyed some outdoor time chatting and hanging out with family. I wanted so badly to be productive but groceries, meal prep and grilling was as far as I got there.

// All of our big wedding stuff is taken care of for the most part - but we still have tons to do. Big items = I need to go pick up my dress and get it altered, we need to settle on groomsmen attire, and we need to mail out the invites (we have them, just haven't had time to make them a priority). Now that my home is sold & the move is settled we will have more time to devote to the wedding. It will all get done. :)

// We used many of our new shower gifts this weekend when cooking - we cleaned and put away all of our new pyrex (yay!) and next up is our new dish set. We also used our new grill basket + skillet. Next I want to sit down with my Pioneer Woman cookbook to meal plan! You can shop some of our new items mentioned here --

That's it for now - have a great week!!


  1. All the prayers coming at you, lady. Hoping everything went/is going well! xo

    1. Thank you! Things went as well as they could all around.


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