Friday Best - Feels like Summer

Jun 8, 2018

Friday is here & we have a weekend at the lake to celebrate the Cattleman's cousin's 30th! Eager for swimming + dock time. Bonus - my boss is letting us cut out at noon today for hitting work goals. Yay! Also, my co-worker made homemade cinnamon rolls, someone brought in kolaches, and we have a mimosa/bloody mary bar set up -- Par-Tay!!

this week I'm switching it up and giving you f i v e things for this Friday --

1. This one is a doozy - I was unsure I wanted to share in this space yet, but why not --
I have more big changes coming in my world. This week I accepted a new role (that is only 7 miles from my new home instead of 60) & gave notice to my boss. It was so hard but he took it even better than I could have hoped. More details to come, but today we are sharing the news with the team. It's going to be so hard. Yikes.

2. I'm really digging the Pioneer Woman line at Wal-Mart lately...I added a few of her things to a gift basket I made this week and I think the prints are all so cheery, a few favorites:

3. The weather has been gorgeous this week. I got a long walk in Monday night at the farm and soaked it up.
I also squeeze in a lunch walk at work on Tuesday. I definitely want to beat last week's step report on my FitBit. The other (more noteworthy) activity I did this week was getting back into an OTF routine - I so needed some intense activity back in my life and am glad to be making it a priority now that the move is complete. 2.5 months until the wedding! I'm hoping to see positive results in endurance + being toned. 

4. I've been seeing so many bloggers weigh in on Amazon fashion finds and this dress Kendi posted ended up in my cart. She is rockin that dress. I got the gray like her but am also drawn to the hunter green..shocking I know. Caycee recently posted some Amazon finds as well. In other fashion talk (but mostly unrelated) - I'm liking the look of platform sandals lately - just unsure I could pull them off. A few options- Target / Nordstrom Rack / DSW

5. Meal Planner Printable - Until I find/unpack this meal planner, I needed backup..Found this cute printable to meal plan for us so I have a better plan of attack when grocery shopping. Oh, and speaking of meals, the Cattleman and I made this skillet this week and loved it. It will be an easy go-to for us now. I plan to try these next week + I am making this dip for our lake weekend.

Happy weekend-ing!


  1. New job!! So happy for you and that short commute!

    1. Thanks!! It's going to be quite a switch & it's all happening so fast - but it's all a true blessing. Makes me shake my head how it's all syncing up.

  2. Congratulations on the new gig!! I'm sure it's going to be so hard to leave your current office (any place with a mimosa bar on Fridays sounds like a great place to work ha!), but how nice will that muuuch shorter commute be?! As a fellow commuter with a lengthy commute (40 miles over here), so, so happy for you.

    So with you on the Pioneer Woman. I love her and her collections. That utensil jar is so sweet.

    Those farm views though!!

    Seriously, we are the same person. I was JUST thinking about platform sandals the other day and how they're growing on me! but I definitely can't pull them off hahaha.

    1. It is hard to say goodbye to a great team & great perks!! This new role definitely seems liek a blessing, I'll save sooo much time & money. 40 miles is no fun!

      Yea, I wouldn't want a kitchen full of those things, but a few would be fun!

      Too funny on the sandals - If I find cheapies at Marshalls I'm getting them. :)


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