2019's Word of the Year :: GROW

Jan 20, 2019

A new year always brings a fresh slate.
It brings time to reflect on the previous year's happenings, time to set intentions for new routines and new rhythms. I enjoy selecting a word for the year. I've linked to some of my words from previous years at the end of the post. This year, I kept circling back to GROW. It's a simple word, but one that has a number of facets that I want to bring into 2019.

A few ways I want to incorporate this word into my year include ::

Our farm :: We plan to grow our farm by adding chickens this Spring. I know this will require extra work + time, especially since we need to get a coop built. But we are eager to have farm fresh eggs. We added sheep last year & I'm pretty sure Millie is expecting, so our sheep herd will hopefully grow this year as well.

We also added Macy (a blue heeler pup) to the crew right before Christmas. My in-laws had a litter of 6 heeler pups, and I couldn't let go of the idea of adding a little gal to our crew. So, we decided, why not?!

Our garden :: Last Summer we kept things simple with our garden since we had the wedding coming up. We knew we wouldn't have tons of extra time to dedicate to our garden. The cattleman put in a raised garden & we filled it with veggie plants - zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers primarily. This year we want to expand things a smidge - I'd like to turn the raised garden into a herb + cut flower garden. I want to put the tips that Abby & Natalie share about their flower gardens to use. Then we plan to make another garden in the ground & grow veggies from it.

My work :: I started a new job as a Logistics Coordinator with a company closer to home last year. I'd like to continue to set (monthly + quarterly) goals for myself to maximize my potential in this role. I enjoy the team + what I do and want to continue to grow in the role over the course of the year.

My mindset :: I want to take time for more self-care this year. I love taking walks around the farm, and I want to up the frequency of those and couple them with inspiring podcasts. I recently started tracking my screen time and want to unplug more in 2019. More adult coloring books, activity books, puzzles, and reading. Lastly, I want to focus on what I allow space in my mind. It can get easy to let negative thoughts loop, and I want to be more mindful & positive on what topics I allow space in my mind.

So, to recap :: farm, garden, work, mindset.

Here are my words from previous years::
2018 -- Intention
2017 -- Grace
2016 -- Joy
2015 -- Gratitude 

I have a feeling it's going to be a big year for us, and I'm hoping I can make this word ring true for 2019. I plan to write another post with some additional 2019 intentions - stay tuned!
Do you have a word you want to focus on this year?

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  1. Love, love this word. And I swear to god, you're living this city girl's secret dream life on that farm of yours.


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