16 Week Pregnancy Update

Mar 16, 2019

In case you missed our BIG news - My husband and I are expecting TWINS this August.
We are 16 weeks (and 5 days) along and due on August 26th. One thing we learned with multiples is that our doctor will not let us go past 38 weeks, so that moves our due date up to August 12th.
I love reading other bloggers' "bumpdates" and wanted to share a few of my own here on the blog. Here's the first one!

Twins! Do they run in the family? We get this question a lot. My husband's younger brothers are fraternal twins. He has a set of twin first cousins, and then two of his first cousins have had twins. I have a set of first cousins who are twins as well. However, we learned that none of those sets of twins factored into us having twins. Purely "spontaneous" (as they call it) for us.

Fraternal or identical? Fraternal

How far along? 16 weeks, 5 days

Size of the babies? 4.61 inches, the size of an avocado
(we had an appointment this week and Baby A is 6 oz & Baby B is 5 oz)

Genders? We aren't finding out (but we could have at this last appointment)

How are you feeling? I'm still lucky to be feeling like myself. Luckily, I have more energy now that my first trimester. I do notice I get a bit more winded than usual and haven't been great about remaining active. I'm hoping now that days are longer and it's starting to warm up I'll be able to get outside for walks in the evenings or on lunch breaks.

Starting to show? Yes, depending on time of day and what I am wearing. We learned that with twins, my body will measure 4 weeks ahead of what I actually am, which is why often twins come early.

Maternity clothes? I've been adding a few pieces here and there because the bump is definitely starting to pop. Luckily it's legging and over-sized sweater season and I can still wear all of my leggings, over-sized tops and swing dresses. I used the belly band for the first time when I was nearly 14 weeks, and I'm not a huge fan of that thing. Now, if I wear jeans, they are maternity ones, side panel is my favorite option at this stage. As Spring weather nears, I think it's likely I'll be in all maternity items.

Cravings or aversions? I was really into grilled cheeses in my first trimester, here lately it's been pb&j. Neither are weird, but I didn't each much of either before. Salt & vinegar cruncher chips were really hitting the spot for a while. I haven't really wanted cooked vegetables, but raw ones I crave. Sour patch bunnies have been a favorite now that Easter candy has hit the shelves. A lot of times it's if I see something, I end up wanting it. For instance, I saw two people with five guys burgers and was dyinnggg to have one last week. The closest option is 45 minutes away and I was so tempted to drive there after work. I settled for a bacon cheeseburger from a local restaurant.
Oh, and smoothie king has been a must when I am in the area of one (twice in the past week).

Best moment this week? Having our 16 week appointment and getting to see our babies. We learned both are growing right on track and everything is situated nicely. We got to hear their heartbeats for the first time, at our other ultrasounds (this was our 3rd) the sound was off. That part was really special!

Miss anything?
Wine, cocktails, IPA. Deli meat. I never ate sushi all that often, but I could really go for some lately.

Nursery :: We will obviously be keeping things neutral since we don't know the gender(s) of our twins. We are going to do a deep green accent wall and I'd like to have other natural tones of white and wood. I'm thinking white cribs, this overdyed rug from Wayfair in gray/beige, a tan/beige rocker, and we are using the white dresser we chalkpainted for the wedding in their nursery to double as a changing table.

And just for fun, here is a picture we took when I was almost 12 weeks, before we headed out to my cousin's wedding. Not much going on at that point.



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