Friday Best - Spring is Nearing

Mar 15, 2019

Hey all! We've made it to the Friday of daylight savings week..I've definitely been off this week..wide awake at night and dragging in the morning..but alas, days are longer and for that I am grateful!! It's been a good low-key week here at the farm and I am looking forward to a weekend of little plans. It has been a bit since my last true Friday best post, and I'm happy to be popping in today with one, these weekly posts full of life's little moments are some of my favorites to look back on.

best news -- Did you catch our big news we shared earlier this week? We are expecting twins! We are still pretty shocked, but feeling very blessed and excited! Pop in tomorrow for my first bump update.

best weekend- Last weekend was one that left my heart feeling so full. Nothing lavish, rather, good quality family time. On Friday, we attended our first fish fry of the season at our local church with my mom and my in-laws. Then we popped into my brother-in-law's house to hang out for a bit. On Saturday, my best pal/cousin Emily came up to the farm. Which was so fun! We had girl time, ate tasty grub & she helped me start chalk-painting a dresser set for our master bedroom. Then on Sunday I continued to work on my dressers and we had lots more visitors pop into the farm. My mom, brother, his girlfriend and her daughter all came by for dinner and family time.
I couldn't help but have a little treat waiting for my cousin when she arrived. And turns out she had the same thing in mind and showed up with this adorable basket of goodies for the twins.

Here is the dresser set after one coat of the gray chalk paint. I plan to distress and wax them this weekend & they will be done!

best "mocktail" glasses - I bought these glasses at Target to up my mocktail game and feel a bit fancier. I love fresh squeezed grapefruit juice & vodka as a refreshing cocktail this past Summer and figured I could still enjoy it minus the vodka. I think next time I'll add a touch of sparkling water and margarita mix. Next up, I'm ordering some copper reusable straws!

best maternity buys so far -



  1. Eeeek! All the cute baby stuff! Now that my youngest is 6 months old, it's giving me all the feels to see all the tiny newborn things again. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for popping in, all kinds of baby cuteness!


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