Friday Best - Spring, walks, and weekend plans

Mar 22, 2019

We've made it to Friday, folks!! Spring hit this week and it's so refreshing to have hours of sunlight left after work. Spring is also giving me the itch to start getting my hands in some dirt for flowers and gardening. We planted more grass seed last Fall & created more of a front yard at the shouse - I'm eager to see that pop up and grow more this Spring. I'm also eager to start planting flowers for the front porch and work in our landscape bed (also new last Fall). I love refreshing our front porch for each season.

best weekend plans - tonight we are sticking around the house and grilling seafood (hey, Lent) and I'm looking forward to a sunny Friday night at home. tomorrow we are road-tripping to a family member's surprise 60th at their farm out West from us. Sunday we have no plans and I'm hoping to make some progress on organizing our guest-room-soon-to-be-nursery.

best pal time - I popped in to visit with Emily & George this week. little man hit the 2 month mark this week and has so much expression!

best walking buddy - the weather this week really showed up for Spring and so far this week I've gotten outdoor walks in twice after work & I am hoping to continue to do so tonight and this weekend. Macy has gone on my two walks with me this week and we are still slowly getting the hang of the leash together.

oh and our neighbor's bottle calves kept following along with us too - so cute.

best new song (+album) - I can't get enough of Maren's new album - especially this song.

best recent purchases -

Oh, and I ordered some maternity dresses from PinkBlush this week to try for Summer plus a wedding in CO next month. You can order through this link for 20% off!

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  1. My cousin swears by that curling iron! And I'm so jealous of your walking situation. So lovely.

    1. I have one in a much bigger size and wanted a smaller one for my shorter hair, they do work so well! I am a pretty big fan of my country walks with Macy :)


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