Self Care -- Spring Planting

Mar 26, 2019

Spring is here and I for one could not wait to do some planting. Gardening, planting flowers & playing in the dirt are some of my favorite things. I definitely look at it as self care for myself - there is something therapeutic in unplugging and getting your hands dirty. I bought some of these regal gardenias (above) to plant in pots for our porch.

I am also dreaming up what I want to plant in our flower bed that we added to the front of our porch last Fall. A blank slate ready for this Spring + Summer! Our landscape bed seamlessly leads right onto our front porch similar to this bed leading into the sidewalk, so I want to be mindful of selecting low profile bushes and plants.

The Cattleman & I also took some time this evening to plant tulips at the end of our driveway to our farm. It made for a special little Tuesday evening & is something I have wanted to do since moving here. I love the pop of cheery flowers at the end of a farm drive. I can't wait to see them bloom! 

As for indoor plants, I spent some time this past weekend re-potting a few pothos plants, an aloe plant, a snake plant and some ivy. Here is a pothos & a $1 Goodwill thrifted pot. How darling do they look together? It's silly, but it makes me smile each time I look at it on our dresser.
Now I need to thrift two more pots for another pothos plant & a lemon butter fern. I love me some house plants & again, self care!

Do you love plants and getting your hands dirty? I urge you to take some time this Spring to pot some cheery flowers for your porch, plant a viney plant for your home or office (i.e. pothos, ivy, fern) or plant a small herb garden. Something that will bring you joy when you look at it. Take care of yourself + some plants. xx

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