Friday Best - twin calves(!!), weekend roadtrips and a chalkpaint project

Mar 29, 2019

Another Friday is here! We've had a low-key week and have a low-key weekend ahead too. Lately, that is just the way I like it. This week I have been squeezing in outdoor walks on my lunch hour & it has been the best way to break up the day and get a bit of cardio into my day. I've been dreaming of planting tulips at the end of our farm's driveway since I moved here & we made that happen this week. Yesterday we got a lot of rain, so hopefully that helps them bloom here soon! This weekend we plan to roadtrip to one of my family's farms with my family, and that's really the only thing on the agenda. We are heading to CO next week for a family wedding, so I hope to get some packing under way for that as well.

best farm addition - a set of TWIN calves!! One of our cows had twins this week, so special! I shared more about our Spring calving season on this post.

best show - I'm very into Home Town on HGTV lately. I've only started watching it for season three, but man I am hooked on Erin's personal style and how she styles homes. You can scroll some pictures of the homes they've re-modeled here.

best bump outfit - I plan to do another bump update at 20 weeks, but this was a picture I snagged before a family party this past Saturday. This was my first time "debuting" the bump if you will...I haven't worn a tight maternity top like this out until that day, simply because all my loose sweaters still work well for outfits/weather. But, I think the bump is officially here to stay and shows more often than not. 
outfit details :: tank / jacket / jeans / shoes
17 weeks

best project - It's no secret that I love to chalk paint & this past weekend I completed the dresser set I chalk painted for our master bedroom. It turned out SO well! If you follow along on my Instagram, you may have seen me post about it here. I plan to get a chalk paint post up about my process and show a few pieces I have done. 
I had hopes of "flipping" some furniture and chalk painting pieces I had come across, but now those items are living in the corner of our shed. I'd still love to get them painted and sold...1 because I love to chalk paint, 2 because I'd like to free up the space, and 3 because who doesn't love extra "fun money"...maybe I'll get a wild hair and knock them out before the twins arrive.

I hope you all have the best best weekend.


  1. Oh those baby calves! So cute. And your bump...SO cute, Momma!

  2. Hometown is my favorite, too! I just love everything about that show, and all the neat things they do!

    1. Yes, Erin's styling is just so, so good. I need to read their book soon.


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