Spring calves & a set of twins!

Mar 28, 2019

"Spring" Calving Season starts in February on our farm. As of today we are up to 17 calves on the farm. This time of year is extra work for the Cattleman (& his brothers who he farms with) to ensure all mommas and babies are doing well. The Cattleman checks on the herd morning & night this time of year to check for new babies. The real extra work comes in if they have to assist in any of the birthing process. But, it's so neat to see all the new life on the farm & I know all the guys get so proud of each calf born on the farm.

This week was extra special because one of our cows had TWINS! I guess we won't be having the only set of twins on the farm this year - so special.

A few more peeks at part of the herd this Spring.

Life out on the farm sure is special.


  1. You should get Mr. Cattleman to do a day in the life post. I think it would be awesome to see what life is like living in a small town on a cattle farm. Also, you should do an updated day in the life post now that you no longer live in STL. I am sure that life has changed a LOT since you lived on your own in the city. I know I would struggle to live in a small town without tons of grocery/shopping options ... but I'm sure you've adapted! :)

    1. I do plan to do an updated day in the life post now that I'm back on a farm - I'll make that happen soon! I also love the idea of the Cattleman writing one too - I'll see if I can talk him into it!!


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