A day in the life - Monday, 4.22.19 Edition

May 21, 2019

I thought it would be fun to capture what a typical day in the life looks like for me. I enjoy reading posts that other bloggers write like this, but I've only written one of these on the blog, and it was from a workday last May. Since then I have gotten married, moved to the farm with my Cattleman and started a new job. Whew!

So, needless to say, my days are a bit different than they were when I wrote my last day in the life post. Plus, I thought it would be fun to capture a post like this before the twins arrive. So, here is a peek at an average day in my life on the farm.
(A month has passed since I captured my day in the life images + details, and I planned to have it live before now, but such is life and my day to day is still similar to this - so, here we have it)

Monday - 4.22.2019

6:30 AM -- Wake up call. I usually set my alarm for 6:10 or 6:20...yesterday was Easter so I definitely chose the 6:20 option this morning and hit snooze a time or two. I'm not a huge morning person (though I wish I were), so I usually give myself the bare minimum amount of time to get out the door.

6:45 AM -- Out to the kitchen to brew up some coffee. I used my Ninja Coffee Bar to brew up iced decaf americanos most mornings these days.

7:15 AM -- Out the door. I usually leave by 7:15 and am fortunate to work in a casual office now. So, leggings and a sweatshirt tunic for today. I am especially grateful for our casual dress code now that I am in maternity clothes, it's nice to not have to build a business causal maternity wardrobe too.

7: 30 AM -- Arrive to the office. I now work for a company that is located pretty close to home & my commute is all of 11 minutes. I work as a Logistics Coordinator and really enjoy my role + team. Working in logistics definitely comes with less of a life balance than the last gig, but my old office was 61 miles (one way) from the farm...so, long term that wasn't going to work out that well. Being close to home (especially now that I live out in the country) is such a blessing and worth the juggle of a different work life balance.

1:45 PM -- Lunch. Today I drove back home to our farm enjoy my lunch break.

My lunch hour varies quite a bit, but I usually go after 1:00. I suaully drive home for lunch or sometimes I'll drive into town (about 5 minutes from work) and run a few errands.. It's quite a switch from being able to walk out the doors from my last office and have a Target, Michaels, Whole Foods, St. Louis Bread Company,  Nordstrom Rack, etc within walking distance...but there are still a few grocery stores, gas stations, local coffee shops, etc in the nearest town to me.

Today's lunch menu was some leftovers from our Easter meal.

5:30 PM -- Off work & headed back home. My hours are 7:30 - 5:00/5:30. My commute consists of a gravel road and a little bit of a highway. Traffic is not something I deal with these days, unless I get stuck behind a tractor on our gravel road.. The only things I pass on my route to work - farm ground and a Dollar General - and on the way home- a gas station & a local diner, and more farm ground.

5:45 PM - About the time I pulled into our drive, the Cattleman was on the tractor getting ready to feed hay to our cattle herd.

I hoppped out of the car and wandered over to say hello to our sheep.

Then I grabbed my watering can and watered a few plants that we have going in a landscape bed.
6: 15 PM -- Once the Cattleman was done feeding, he wanted to go mushroom hunting and I opted to go along for the ride. We hopped on our side by side and headed down the gravel road to one of our rental farms to hunt for morel mushrooms.
Macy wasn't about to be left behind, she is stuck to the Cattleman's hip any chance she gets.

The scenes while we were mushroom hunting were beyond stunning. We hunted along a creek and it had a nice, peaceful stream flowing through it. I was mostly there for the atmosphere and sights.

7:00 PM -- Our mushroom haul only consisted of a few red morels. Then we were back home to shower. No time to delay there because had to check for ticks..and sure enough I had one.

Then it was more leftovers for dinner.  We looked at Amazon's deal of the day power washer that we were interested in, and decided to buy it with some remaining wedding gift cards. While we were on there we looked over our registry for our twins on the way and added  a few more items.

9:45 -- Off to bed. I'm always proud when I'm in bed before 10 pm, but most nights it's later than that.

So, there you have it! A day in a life on a typical Monday. A reader suggested I have the Cattleman document a day in the life too, so I'll see if I can talk him into that next!


  1. These are my most favorite posts. :) I cannot get enough of all the farm views - just SO gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed the post + the views. It felt mundane to type this up, but I too love a peek into how others spend their days!


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